As a typical clingy girlfriend, I get nervous when I feel like something is going wrong in the relationship.

And when I get nervous, I check in to make sure I haven't made my man fall out of love with me. (Which now that I think about it, asking so often could probably do just that, but oh well). So, now that we're spending so much time together, SO MUCH CAN GO WRONG. We've been together in his apartment for almost three weeks now and are planning to be for at least another week. On top of that, it's my time of the month.

As nervous as the past few weeks might have made me at times, it's actually been really good.

We have gotten a lot of time to just hang out and talk to each other. I created a makeshift spa night where we discovered that his blackheads did not want to budge. We bought a new switch game that we could play together. We took a nap together on the couch at 7 p.m. We also get to finally binge watch TV shows together, something we've never really been able to do because I would be too impatient and keep watching it alone. He's also gotten to experience how dangerous I am when given free-range at a grocery store. But he also found out that lots of good food comes out of that.

Now with my period, he got to experience every one of my mood swings.

Last night I laughed and cried back and forth for 15 minutes and he had no idea what to do, but he did his best. And afterward, he told me he still loved me (because I asked again, whoops).

We, in a way, get a first-hand experience of what it might look like if we move in together in the next few years. I cook almost every dinner, but I ask him to help sometimes. He does all the dishes, but when he's not scrubbing hard enough, I step in. He drives me crazy with how much video games he plays and I drive him crazy with the mess I leave everywhere I go.

It's been a really difficult time for both of us, away from family, friends, and our typical lives, but it hasn't been all bad.

And, yes, I do still ask him every five seconds if he still loves me.

P.S. Ian, do you still love me? Just checking...

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