If stereotypical fall dates have lost their luster, here are 13 ideas for any couple to add to their autumn itinerary:

1. Have a day full of pranks. 

Designate a day to pull continuous pranks on each other. When midnight comes that day, whoever gets the best or last prank in wins!

2. Go to random local sporting events.

Pick up some cheap tickets to a local high school football game or local teams scrimmage and go! Its cheap entertainment and you're doing something fun while supporting local teams.

3. Celebrate a holiday that isn't actually happening.

Grab some fireworks and hotdogs and celebrate the 4th of July in middle of fall, count down the New Year in the middle of your year, or cook Thanksgiving Dinner in March. Celebrate your favorite holiday in whatever season it is!

 4. Have a food fight.

I stumbled upon this idea by accidentally getting into a food fight with my boyfriend. Only an ice cream cone and some mustard were harmed in the event.

5. Go on a "first date."

Act like you have never gone on a date with your S.O. before and really get to know them again! Relearn each other and maybe even find out new things about each other by acting like you haven't already been dating for years.

6. Each make something and then go on a picnic.

Just getting outdoors is one of the best date ideas of all time, but when you add food- it gets even better! Each of you should make something you are in the mood for, have been craving, or know the other loves and then reveal what you packed once you find a nice area outside to hang out in.

7. Switch roles for a day. 

Do you usually drive to the dates, pay, and act as "Big Spoon" while cuddling? Let your S.O. take on your part in the relationship for the day! See what all your boyfriend or girlfriend does for you by being them for a day.

8. Dress each other for a date. 

This could go two ways: you either both dress each other ridiculously and go out in public as such, or you get to see what your S.O. wants to see you in! Either way, it will make you laugh or really show you what your S.O. finds you most stunning in.

9. Volunteer at a local animal shelter together.

If you are a animal-loving couple, cure your puppy or kitten fever by volunteering at animal shelters together. It will be like you have 100s of animals of your own, just not in your home!

10. Play Hide-And-Seek in your city!

Designate a block of streets or a specified area and meet your significant other there. Want to know the catch? You arrive at different points separately and can dress however you want to disguise yourself from your S.O. Whoever recognizes or finds the other first wins and you can celebrate over the loser cooking dinner or treating the winner to ice cream.

11. Give each other $10 and find one another something at a local market, thrift store, or antique shop.

Go together to your towns local farmer's market, festival, thrift store, or antique shop and pick something out for the other. You can pick something you know the other person would love or that you could enjoy together!

12. Have a game night. 

Grab the board games, cards, and video games and go at it! Have a night of competition and spend time playing games with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you're a competitive couple like my boyfriend and I, you can play for who's going to do certain chores.

13. Go on a date and the first person to touch their phone pays. 

Go out to eat somewhere or go play some mini golf, and the first person to touch their phone has to pay for the date. If you go the whole date without either of your touching your phone, split the cost evenly! Really enjoy each other's company without having phones distract from the date.