Modern dating is literally the worst. No one wants to commit, no one wants to go on dates, you're expected to be exclusive without actually being in a relationship, communication about your feelings is almost nonexistent, and ghosting is a common occurrence. The least I can do to ease the pain, is relate modern dating struggles to Kris Jenner gifs. Quarantine really has given me a lot of free time.

1. When you're lurking to find something that will probably make you upset and you see something that makes you upset.

*Turns on 'Feels' playlist.*

2. When your boyfriend, who isn't actually your boyfriend, cheats on you by talking to another girl.

From the wise words of TikTok, "I just sit back and observe."

3. When you see another girl on his story.

I mean I knew, but I didn't want proof.

4. When he actually has conversations with you instead of sending blank Snapchats back and forth.

The bar is literally on the floor ladies.

5. When he says he thinks you're great but he's not really looking for a relationship.

WOW! Did not see that one coming AT ALL. Crazy.

6. When you wake up in the morning still on delivered from the night before.

He's probably sleeping until 2 pm.

7. When you're meeting up with a new guy for the first time and need to take the edge off.


8. When a girl comments heart eyes under his Insta pic.

Who is she and is she prettier than me?

9. When you're stressing because you have been on delivered for an hour but he was just taking a nap.

We've all been there.

10. Taking pictures of your significant other doing literally anything.

He could literally be doing homework and I'm like, "Damn!"

11. When he says "You're the only girl I'm talking to."

"There's no competition." "It's only you." "I don't need anyone else." Mhm, sure.

12. When you post a bomb pic on your story and that one guy who always hypes you up tells you you're pretty.

Thank you for your service.

13. Your friend to you after you've talked about Chad from Sigma Alpha Pi for the past hour.


14. Friend: "Don't you think you're a little too harsh on guys? You: "No... well, maybe — yeah, I guess."

Points were made.

15. You to him after spending the past 8 hours together.

Oops, my heart went f*ck.

16. You to yourself when you stop checking his location on the Snapchat map.

Miss Movin' On!

17. "I think you're great but..."

F*CK. Here we go again.

18. Wondering why you're not good enough for a guy who doesn't even put in the effort to be honest with you.

Just because someone does not communicate with you properly does not mean you are not good enough!

19. When he leaves your text on delivered all day but is actively on his phone.

He doesn't care, sis.

20. When you ask him to cuddle but he has to study.

It's fine, I'm fine.

21. "Yeah so I know that we've been hanging out for a few weeks and went on dates and you met my parents and I told you I loved you, but I don't think that I want to be in a relationship."

Thankfully this hasn't happened to me, but I've heard stories of girls' experiences with this, and honestly, what the f*ck??

22. Trying to give yourself an inspirational self-love speech after a breakup.

More like, "I think I'm losing my mind."

23. When he said he didn't want a relationship but you see him on Instagram with his new girlfriend two months later.

Honey, he wanted a relationship, just not with you!

24. When you put two and two together and realize you were right the whole time.

This FBI case is now closed.

25. When he mentions his family members but you already know all their names because you stalked his mom's Facebook.

One time a guy's phone was ringing with his brother's name on it and I said "Oh, your brother's calling you," and he asked how I knew his brother's name... haha... sh*t.

26. When you're emotionally unavailable but start talking to a new guy anyway.

This the part where I'm gonna get hurt!

27. When you've swiped through Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge and realize you'll be alone forever 


28. When he gets upset about you seeing other guys even though he's seeing other girls.

This sh*t does not make any sense.

29. When he says his favorite music genre is rap but the only rap you've listened to is Cardi B.

That's, like, the music that rhymes, right?

30. When he asks you to his frat's date party or formal.

I may be one of many girls, but at least I am the #1 pick in the draft.

31. When you get the "I'm sorry, I f*cked up" text a week to a few months after you stopped talking to him.

One time a guy sent me the "I f*cked up text" FOUR MONTHS after we stopped talking. I didn't even have his number on my phone anymore so I had to google it.

32. When he leaves you on delivered for over 24 hours.

Yeah, it's a no for me.

33. When you have to get over yet another failed almost-relationship.

On to the next one!

34. When you see him at a bar months later and know you're over him but also start overthinking about why you weren't enough.

Sad girl hours.

35. When you remember you're a boss a** b*tch who is amazing and doesn't need a guy to complete her.

Read that again ^.

I personally felt attacked while writing these, but knowing that a lot of girls reading this share similar experiences, reminds me that it isn't us. We are enough and we need to start feeling like it instead of letting our self-worth be determined by frat boys.

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