People break up for all different types of reasons. Sometimes these reasons can be dealbreakers while others could just be an issue of logistics. Usually, when a relationship ends it should stay that way, but here are some signs that it's okay to get back together.

Here are 10 reasons you should get back with your ex:

1. You dated in high school (and NOW you're in your twenties).

The person you were at 15 is going to be drastically different than the person you are at 22. There is a lot of growth and life experiences that take place after high school. The reason(s) that you guys broke up over in high school might seem like nothing now.

2. Neither of you cheated.

There is a difference of opinion when it comes to cheating: some say it is a complicated (that there is more behind the act) others say it is simple (people just decide to be unfaithful), regardless cheating is wrong. If cheating happened you shouldn't get back together.

3. It's been over a year since you broke up.

Sometimes time is needed to heal wounds and a year is a good amount of time to judge that.

4. The relationship wasn't codependent. 

Co-dependence is the perfect formula for a toxic relationship. If both or one of you was co-dependent you should not get back together.

5. You broke up over distance. 

Distance is hard and can break even the strongest relationships. If distance is the main reason you guys broke up then there is no reason that you shouldn't get back together.

6. Neither of you struggle with substance abuse issues.

Substance abuse issues destroy individuals and the people around them. If one or both of you struggle with substance abuse this could lead to co-dependence and a toxic relationship.

7. You're mentally in the place to be a better partner. 

Being in a relationship requires physical and emotional commitment. You need to be in a place to emotionally and physically commit to this person while also being able to take care of your own needs.

8. You both are on the same page about what went wrong last time. 

There are numerous reasons that people break up and both people need to make sure that they are on the same page for what caused the relationship to end. If you are both on the same page then you can work to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

9. You're both willing to give it 110%.

When you are dating someone for the second time around you already know a lot about that person. That being said, you know their quirks and annoyances—and you need to be okay with and embrace them.

10. You already know that you are compatible.  

Compatibility can go a long way in sustaining a relationship. You need to both feel compatible with each other for the relationship to work a second time around.