Food-ie (n): A person who enjoys eating food more than the average Joe.

If you know someone who's a foodie, then you know they are the BEST person. And if you are dating a foodie, then you are just in luck! Here are 15 reasons why dating a foodie (or even just knowing one) is the best:

1. They are always down to go eat.

2. They know all the best restaurants in the area.

3. They order the biggest meals and sometimes share.

4. They ALWAYS have snacks.

5. They have good taste in snacks.

6. There are always crumbs in the bed from their snacks.

7. They are great cooks.

8. They will surprise you with a romantic dinner.

9. They are willing to try something new.

10. They'll push you to try something new that will be your next favorite.

11. They will always know your favorite foods.

12. They know how to eat on a budget.

13. You'll always get CAF- Cuddles After Food.

14. They won't ever cheat on you because food is life.

15. If they share their food, then you know they love you.