“Red hair is great. It’s rare and therefore superior.” –Augusten Burroughs

Augusten is positively correct. Red hair is rare. It is beautiful. It is unique. I write this from the dirty blonde perspective. I (regrettably) have never been able to pull off red hair. However, I have the great fortune of dating a redhead! So here are ten reasons why you, too, should date a ginger.

1. You can find your significant other in a crowd.

Lost in a big crowd of people? Everyone seems to be average height and you struggle to find your boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, you would not have this problem if you dated a ginger. Their fiery red hair will be a beacon in the masses and you can therefore pinpoint them easily.

2. Bragging rights to all your friends that you are dating a minority.

Girls brag about their men. (If they don’t, something is wrong!) But you seriously step up the game when you pull the “Ginger card.” Your significant other is like none other. Bonus points if they have a bright red beard as well.

3. You can buy bright t-shirts for your significant other that no other hair color can pull off.

Most people with their basic blonde or brown hair cannot pull off colors like purple or yellow, but redheads most definitely can! The contrast of color between the shirt and their hair makes for something beautiful and interesting. Nothing is basic with a redhead in the room.

4. “Gentleman may prefer blondes, but it takes a real man to handle a redhead.”

Dating a ginger proves a real test of character and strength. Whether your significant other is a male or a female, science has proven redheads have a fiery, feisty personality. This makes relationships passionate and bold, much like the hair atop your partner’s head. “If you want trouble, find yourself a redhead” –Unknown.

5. If you are bored, you can count your ginger partner’s freckles.

Redheads are notorious for their abundance of freckles. Rather than a soft, California tan, gingers possess beautiful porcelain skin. So in the sun, speckled love dots spark all over their skin, creating constellations of redhead jubilee across their bodies. After all, “a face without freckles is like a night without stars.”

6. Their hair can keep you warm.

Date a ginger because if you are cold-blooded like me and always seem to be freezing, you can cuddle up to their fiery red hair and keep warm. “Redheads--too hot to handle, too cold to care!” –Unknown.

7. Because of your significant other’s fiery locks, you will stand out.

“Blondes are noticed but redheads are remembered.” People know when a redhead walks into a room. Red hair is the rarest hair color in the world. Gingers really are set apart.

Gingers are beautiful, rare creatures, and if you are opening to improve your dating life, considering dating a redhead. It's a fire you won't regret!