Ladies, Here Are 10 Reasons You Should Ditch Hair Removal And Keep Your Pubes As Is

Of course, shaving is a personal choice! Some people enjoy up-keeping their bodies in this way, but sometimes.. it's just too much. Here are 10 reasons you should consider staying au naturale.

1. It's better for your health! 

First, there is a reason you have body hair. It protects you from bacteria and other environmental things that can cause infections or throw off your pH balance. This has been crafted over thousands of years of evolution to give you the perfect defense system down there. Don't take it for granted! Also, it puts you at a higher risk of contracting certain kinds of STDs because your skin is fully exposed to the elements. Hair adds this extra layer of protection and shaving it off can spread around topical/skin diseases.

2. It helps you find a mate.

It's a true fact that this hair actually releases pheromones. Pheromones are the very hormone that makes humans attracted to each other and can be found in hair. Scientists also believe this has to do with the fact that we sweat, which gives off certain oils that our hair follicles hold on to. Gross, but you're actually more desirable with this hair. It also signals in a deep part of our brain that our bodies are physically matured, which makes us more interested in relationships.

3. Razor bumps? No.

Regardless of your preferred method of hair removal, skin irritation is going to happen either way. Razor bumps, tender skin, redness, etc. are all results of hair removal. Keeping your body just the way it was intended to be not only looks better, but feels better. The skin down here is also typically way more sensitive and littered with nerve endings, making anything that much more painful.

4. This hair actually helps regulate your body temperature...

The body is crazy, man. We already talked about how hair follicles help with sweating and release oils, but what happens after? Well, once these oils have evaporated off your skin, it cools down your skin! This can keep you cool in the warmer months, but your hair also keeps you warm in the colder months. Imagine having a bald head in the winter with no hat on? No thanks.

5. No shaving means no itching.

Let's be real, nothing is worse than feeling that strong itch when you're out in public somewhere. The days of your hair growing back just consist of constant itchy feelings and the way it rubs against the hem of your underwear is all types of wrong. Not to mention, when you scratch, it only causes those micro-wounds to get bigger. You're also exposing that area to bacteria from things your hands were touching all day, which just isn't a good combo.

6. It saves you money.

If you added up what you spent on razors or waxing sessions a year, you'd probably faint. When you are choosing to go more natural, you typically save money. Not having to buy those big packs of razors every month? Not having to shell out fees and tips at a salon to remove it? Those things add up and you'll be able to go buy yourself something nice this holiday season with the money you saved on leaving your body the way it's supposed to be!

7. No pain needed!

With great shaving, comes great responsibility. And frankly, a responsibility I don't want to deal with. When you aren't shaving, you don't have to encounter the ever looming threat of ingrown hairs. Going natural also is completely painless! You go through exactly zero (0) pain when you choose not to go through some type of hair removal. No pain, no irritation, no tenderness, no ingrowns, etc.

8. It provides natural lubrication! 

Ya know, when you're ready. Of course. It protects the most sensitive part of your body from the harsh realities of friction. That can really hurt you down there and hair helps to eliminate this problem. It saves your girl from redness and also pain the next day. When you don't have this barrier, things can get pretty irritating. Literally.

9. Shaving is so annoying.

Forgetting to shave is annoying. Have you ever shaved one leg and not the other because you were in a rush? Hair removal is a process, sometimes a long one. And we shouldn't have to fork over our precious time to remove the hair. Not only that, but one little slip when you're in a rush can cause a pretty painful ending of blood and bandaids. You also probably do this weekly or bi-weekly when you could be doing something way more productive. All those hours in the bathroom add up!

10. It's completely your choice.

Yes, I am on the pro-hair side, but that doesn't mean you have to do anything! If you're willing to deal with all the side effects of removing this hair, go for it! You're a stronger person than I am, honestly. You can do whatever you'd like with your body hair; take it all of or make some cool designs out of it! Just remember to never do things because a partner or loved one tells you to.

You should be able to feel comfortable in your body, and your hair!

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Hickeys Are Killing Teens, Young Love Isn't As Innocent As You Think

Hickeys might just be the next cause of your death.


An article by Mirror has revealed that a teen by the name of, Julio Macias Gonzalez, died because of a stroke caused by a bite mark left by his girlfriend.

The teen was spending time with his family eating dinner, after meeting with his girlfriend, when he started having convulsions and died of a stroke.

Hickeys, or bruises on the skin, as defined by Merriam-Webster, are usually caused by harsh sucking that burst small blood vessels.

These bruises usually last about 5- 12 days as stated through recent publishing by 54 Health.

The article also claims that the amount of time can also vary depending upon your own state of health & the amount of destruction the hickey caused.

"Some hickeys are more severe than others and take a longer time to heal," says 54 Health.

But, sometimes, there can be no room left for healing as some of these bruises can be extremely severe.

These hickeys on your skin can quickly turn into your next nightmare if it completely destroys your blood vessel wall.

In an interview given to Cosmopolitan's Relationship Editor, Julia Pugachevsky, Dr. Jessica O'Reilly said, "According to research, it is possible for hickeys to be dangerous if the pressure is applied over the carotid arteries."

"Too much pressure could injure the blood vessel wall and lead to a smaller clot that could clog an artery and cause a stroke," says Dr. O'Reilly.

Other experts, such as Dr. Teddy Wu, have made it clear that these strokes may not only result in your death but can also cause paralysis.

Even though the result of paralysis or death from receiving a hickey are of low-risk, consider the next time that you give your lover a mark or bruise on their skin - you might just end up being known as a "murderer," among their family & friends.


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My Parents Always Talked About Sex Openly With Me, And I'm So Grateful For Their Candor

And now, I write about sex.


My mom and dad talk about sex. They never hid it from me and never freaked out when I came home with sex ed diagrams of female and male genitalia. Instead, my dad quizzed me on the fill-in-the-blank diagrams because I was determined to get an A (as I am with any other test).

I was never uncomfortable bringing this material to my parents to laugh at and discuss. I'm grateful that they weren't mortified either.

My parents are my best friends and it's always been this way. I share everything with them, including boys and all that fun stuff. This is how my older brother and I were raised—we can tell our parents anything, they will always be there. I am a mature, independent young woman who can make her own choices. I am not my parents' puppet to control. They are here to guide me so that I can handle all parts of life.

Sex is just another part of life's journey and they get it.

I never had the sex talk with my parents. Life just flowed naturally and I was always open with them. I will always be their baby girl, but I'm getting older and older. If I had a question, they were there. When I had my first kiss, I couldn't stop bugging them about it: "I kissed a boyyyy! I kissed a boyyyy!" When I had boy drama, my dad was the one who helped me reply to texts as he speaks boy-talk and can relate to what a teenage boy is thinking. Not so long ago, my mom and dad were horny teenagers themselves learning about relationships, love, and heartbreak. I've heard the stories!

And now, I write about sex. Neither of them questioned it and I'm so lucky to have that. When my parents speak of my work, my dad will make note that some pieces aren't for the lighthearted, but neither of them is ashamed. What is there to be embarrassed about? S.E.X. Sex. It's natural, most everyone has or will experience intimacy. Humans crave this attention and connection. I was taught how to enjoy the world and be safe. I could ask questions and never be judged.

I couldn't ask for anything more.

When I have kids of my own, they will grow up knowing what sex is. They will know how to protect themselves. Know how to say "no." Know who to come to when they need help. I don't want them going to others with the risk of being misinformed. I want to provide a safe environment and not have "The Talk" be so awkward.

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