Females. We are complicated. We are confusing. We are unique. We are strong. We are brave. We are beautiful.

Yet, we still do not fully support one another.

I was a teenager who got hit with mean girls’ backlash, but I also was one to dish it out. I was on sports teams. Drama. I was in a sorority. Drama. I have worked with females. Drama.

Alternatively, I have seen the positives. I have seen women lifting women. I have seen bonds unite. I have seen a movement.

Even though a movement has been ignited, I think certain times give us the allowance to throw a little dirt another lady’s way. So here’s a few instances when you can get by with that gossip you know and love.

1. When you are supporting her dreams and goals.

“Did you hear about Ashley? That girl is working so hard, I can’t even. She just knows what she wants, isn’t afraid to go after it, and totally is going to have her own business someday. I can’t believe she’s chasing her dreams like that.”

2. When you are mentioning that she is looking fly AF.

“Clara’s outfit was something I would never ever imagine to be so... flawless. She was working it and I could have puked. From head to toe, girl had it going on. It makes me sick.”

3. When you are proud of her accomplishments.

“New car. New promotion. New house. I mean, Rachel has the nerve to be successful. And she keeps trying? How could she? I can’t believe that she is accomplishing so much. What a joke.”

4. When you are empathizing with her struggles.

“Hannah just needs to stop. I mean, she’s dealing with health issues? A family emergency? Finances are tight? STRUGGLES? Maybe she’s human, but it’s just not cool. It’s not.”

5. When you are forming a bomb-ass clique for her to lean on.

“Ugh once again Erica is just so overwhelmed and who feels that way? Like we have time to help and show our love and support her, but why? Because women help other women? Who started that?”

6. When you are explaining how her differences remind you to be a more open-minded individual.

“I can’t believe Laura. She’s just the type of girl who offers new ideas and new perspectives of the world. Did I ask to learn more about life? Or more about the world? We’re all the same anyways, what’s the point?”

They always say if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Let’s keep that in mind from now on.