Abortion in America has been a big issue for many years. I'm pro-choice, which means I believe women should have the right to decide what to do their bodies and unwanted pregnancies. That's why I could never be with a man who didn't feel the same way.

Being that I am a straight woman, the thought of unwanted pregnancies come up a lot. I am, however, very thorough in making sure I'm safe. Like most women, I use different forms of Birth Control to ensure no accidents happen. But hey, nothing works 100%.

So lets say, despite the fact that my partner and I were being safe, an unwanted pregnancy occurred. I know for a fact that I would have it terminated. I'm young and in college working hard for my degree, and odds are my partner would be doing the same, so how is having a child going to benefit either of us?

But lets say my partner was extremely against abortion, and demanded that I not go through with it. What would I do if he got violent, or worse, got the legal system involved? I only have a few weeks to terminate a pregnancy legally, so this could be very easy for him. Because of his beliefs, he could make my life a living hell for a mistake that was trying to be prevented. That's horrifying.

With the knowledge that I do about how our legal system feels about abortion, it would be silly for me to think anyone would take my word over his. A great percentage of people would believe I was committing an act of murder, and would be more than happy to side with him. Meanwhile, there is no law governing his role in the situation, making him a carefree man if my desires are vanquished.

No, I'm not putting myself in that position.

I will not date a man who is against abortion, because in the end, his uninformed opinion could change my life forever.