No relationship is perfect. Relationships are work that take time and trust to build. And if you've been with someone long enough, you'll have learned all of these things about them.

1. You know their middle names.

Along with what family member they were named after.

2. You know a fight is not the end of the relationship.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and think about the issue, rather than immediately acting on it.

3. You have definitely farted or burped in front of them.

With pizza and drinks, this is bound to happen.

4. They have seen you when you are sick.

They will also forgive you for that one time you puked in their dorm their junior year (sorry).

5. You now have a weird mix of music on your phone from both of your tastes combining.

Going from Jason Aldean, to Drake, to Metallica makes for a wild ride.

6. You have tried new foods because they like them.

I tried sushi for him and actually liked it. I will never like mustard though.

7. An ideal date is just laying in bed all Saturday.

Netflix and BBC documentaries? Hell yes.

8. You have sometimes, in utter desperation, shared a toothbrush.

"Hey, you haven't been feeling sick in the last week right?".

9. They have a toothbrush at your place.

Hopefully not the same color.

10. You have "borrowed" their deodorant.

Hey, I like Old Spice!

11. You have a set list of restaurants that have been thrown into a rotation.

Chipotle, the local Chinese place, and the local Italian place are all good contenders.

12. They have seen you cry.

Over both puppies and internal struggles.

13. They know your favorite drinks.

Wether it is alcohol or soda, they know what they can order for you ahead of time.

14. You know each other's Starbucks order.

A Venti Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte with two extra shots of espresso.

15. You have picked up their prescriptions.

Thanks for picking up my birth control and anti-acids.

16. You have animals together.

Dogs, cats, rats, or guinea pigs, they are your fur babies.

17. You know their preference for toilet paper, paper towels, and soap.

They also do not mess with this delicate balance, knowing it will through you off.

18. You watch their movies, and they watch yours. Even though it might not be your cup of tea.

You may not like Star Wars, and they may not like horror movies. However, you both will watch them together as long as there is snacks.

19. They have met most of your friends.

Even that one that's not really your friend, but you kind of hang out with sometimes.

20. They have seen you when you're grumpy.

You maybe just woke up from a nap or had a hard day at work, but they know what to do.

21. It is always a challenge deciding what times and days you are going over to each other's family's houses for the holidays.

"So if we go over your dad's for Halloween, we have to go over my dad's for Thanksgiving, your mom's for Christmas Eve, and my mom's for Christmas. That'll work, right?"

22. You can spend time apart, but also enjoy loads of time together.

You don't panic waiting for them to get home from being out with their friends, but you can't wait to see them.

23. They know what your pet peeves are, even though they sometimes forget (leaving the toilet seat up).

Nobody is perfect, but how hard is it to leave the toilet seat down?

24. You have a collection of each other's clothes.

When they ask where their sweatshirt is, you have to dig it out of your closet.

25. You have had random adventures together.

Random beach trips or hiking for the day, and just forgetting about everything temporarily.

26. You have plans for the future together.

You have a few apartments marked off for one day.