Relationships are hard work. It's never-ending, but the thought of finding love keeps one searching, enduring the challenge, and learning the ups and downs of life. We all want our relationships to be like fairy tales, but it's difficult to pinpoint the red flags.

Nonetheless, if you find yourself noticing one or more of these 13 details in your relationship, acknowledge that they are warnings. No one wants to see these negative aspects in their relationships, but, in the end, these will lead you to your final true love.

1. Friends

Whether your partner doesn't like your friends, your friends don't approve, or your partner would rather spend time with his/her friends rather than spend that valuable time with you, something is wrong.

2. Passions

Two individuals don't have to share the exact same passions to have a lasting relationship; however, both beings must be respectful and show interest in each other's passions! If your partner is uninterested in the doings of your everyday life, does he/she really like the person that YOU are?

3. Time and attention

A couple must make time and give the proper attention to one another to assure that the relationship is cultivated enough to thrive and flourish. Both parties must find the time and give their all to the other. If your partner would rather spend his time doing something else than being with you, then something isn't right.

If your partner isn't giving you the attention you yearn for, drop them and find someone who will satisfy your needs!

4. Social media

If you or your partner is continuously showing you off on social media, this could be a sign that he is using you to show off. If a relationship is constantly being displayed on media platforms, the couple needs validation; however, two peas in a pod don't need validation!

If you don't feel proud of your relationships without rubbing it into people's faces, maybe there is some thinking that should be done.

5. Communication (or lack thereof)

Communication is key! I'll say it a hundred times over! There is no connection between two individuals without interesting conversation.

If something is bothering you, talk about it! More conversation enables you to understand one another better. If you and your partner have weak communication, work on it or else your relationship will fall apart.

6. Family

Your family is important, and although they can be a pain in the tooshie, they want the best for you. However, don't solely listen to their opinions! If they aren't fans of your partner, keep your ears open and listen to why. It's good to understand what they see that you don't.

7. Sex

Sex is everything. The difference between friends and a partner is SEX! Your sexual romance and the passion in the bedroom, car, kitchen counter, or wherever you please must be there! If your drives don't match up, the relationship probably won't last.

8. Insecurity

If you are insecure about your relationship, it's probably your gut telling you to get out!

9. Controlling and abusive

Get out (and get them help)! No one, not even your partner, has the right to control and abuse you, whether emotionally or physically.

10. Life plans

If you and your love can't agree on the same future, what will become of you as a couple? What will you do with your lives? Maybe you two can happily agree on a unique life together, but, if not, I hate to break it to you, this is a major red flag.

11. Blaming

Takes two to tango! If your partner is blaming you for everything, things aren't right. Are they running away from something? Do they see you in a negative light? Whatever reason for blaming you doesn't excuse the action.

12. Disrespect

If he/she truly loved you, they would respect everything about you – even the things that annoy him/her about you.

13. Body language

Body language says essays without one word. Observe your partner's body when they talk to you and you will hear more than they say.