My boyfriend can do whatever he wants. It's his life, his choice, and I trust him. At the same time, I'm my own person, too and, like my boyfriend (and everyone else), I can make my own choices.

With that said, if I don't feel comfortable with a choice he makes, I don't have to swallow it. I can choose to stay or leave.

I'm not telling my boyfriend to cheat, but, hypothetically, if that happened, that was his choice!

He would have made that decision and from there it's my decision whether or not I walk out. I'm never going to be the girlfriend who forces something upon my significant other. There are no guidelines for dating me. I make my choices, they make their choices and I can only hope they coincide.

My partner and I choose to remain in one another's lives because we want to. Because I choose to stand by him with every decision he makes. If there comes a time where I feel disrespected, then I'll just walk away.

Because at the end of the day, it's not my job to teach or "make" my boyfriend. I trust that my partner cares for me and independently chooses to show that.

In the past, I tried to shape people into the perfect boyfriend and I learned the hard way that people don't change because you want them to. There will always be disagreements, but it's how you work through them that makes you a strong couple.

You can't control your significant other. There is no point in even trying. You'd just be kicking your own ass.

Instead, if you realize you don't like something your partner does, bring it up to them. In the end, if they aren't on the same page as you, that's OK. Maybe you just weren't made for one another.

When push comes to shove, let them do what they want to do (while you do what you want to do) and trust the process. If it's meant to be, you will both make decisions with the other in mind and you'll never break that trust.

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