Every girl, at some point in their life, has had a boy that they've maybe talked to or fooled around with in the past. No judgment here, I've had a boy that I used to talk to, but for a lot of reasons, I no longer do, and I am SUPER happy about it.

But, nothing is worse than when they hit you with that "wyd?" text when you're out and about, having the time of your life with your friends.

I can think of a million things that are way better than texting that boy who doesn't deserve me or my attention, but here are 40 that show literally ANYTHING is better than having our time wasted and our hearts broken.

1. When you were at a concert

Megan Courtney

For me personally, I ignore almost every one when I'm at a concert, especially if it's All Time Low or another one of my favorite bands, but nothing is worse than a boy texting you during this time. Leave his ass on read and enjoy yourself, girl.

2. When you were at the movies

Especially during "The Incredibles 2??" Boy, bye.

3. When you were at the amusement park

I'm not trying to die while sending a text on a roller coaster. You can wait.

4. When you were swimming

My phone is worth more than you.

5. When you were having family dinner

What a perfect time to say something to my family to get them to hate you.

6. When you were getting ready for a girl's night out

Sorry, can't text and put on foundation at the same time.

7. When you were taking a shower

How dare you interrupt my shower playlist.

8. When you were on the phone with your best friend

Oh look, another opportunity for me to roast you.

9. When you were shopping with your mom

Left on read, loser.

10. When you were driving around with your friends

Don't try to kill my mood.

11. When you were walking your dog

My dog deserves my complete and undivided attention.

12. When you were playing with puppies

Ignore everyone and focus on the puppies.

13. When you were applying for a job

Go get that money, honey. He can wait.

14. When you were actually at work

Can't talk, we're SUPER busy.

15. When you were cleaning out your closet

Don't talk to me. I'm going through my closet and surprising myself with clothes I didn't know I had.

16. When you were watching music videos

I don't care if I've seen this video a hundred times, LET ME WATCH MY FAVORITE BAND IN PEACE.

17. When you were watching TV

A new episode of my favorite show is on. Do not talk to me.

18. When you were eating tacos

Or chicken nuggets. Or food in general. Just don't talk to me when I'm eating. Food before dudes, fries before guys..you get it.

19. When you were in bed

I have just showered and climbed in bed for the night. I'm not going anywhere.

20. When you were sleeping

It's 3 a.m. Of course I'm not awake and of course I don't want you to "slide in."

21. When you were hanging out with another boy who actually appreciates you and not just your body

You had your chance.

22. When you were at school

Passing my exam or talk to a boy? Hmm...

23. When you were buying concert tickets

Nothing on this Earth is more stressful than trying to score concert tickets and your phone is blowing up with messages from a person you have no interest in talking to.

24. When you were on a road trip

All I want to do is roll the windows down, listen to some throwback tunes and make memories with my best friends. Talking to you would ruin it.

25. When you were at the zoo

I'm petting a shark right now, I have no time for you or your bullshit.

26. When you were at a family reunion

This is another opportunity for me to turn my whole family against you.

27. When you were at a birthday party

Who has time to text when there's cake?

28. When your favorite band released new music

Don't talk to me. I need to take it all in.

29. When you were on FaceTime with your best friend

This is another perfect opportunity for me to roast you again, so go ahead and text me.

30. When you were watching Law & Order: SVU

This is the greatest show EVER. Mariska Hargitay deserves all the attention.

31. Or just watching any crime show in general

"How To Get Away With Murder" is always SO INTENSE. If you blink, you'll miss something. I'm not risking it.

32. When you were reading a book

I'm heavily into "The President is Missing" by James Patterson and Bill Clinton, right now. Please do not disturb me.

33. When you were getting a new phone

That satisfying feeling when you pull off the screen protector is more than enough to make me not want to talk to you.

34. When you were getting new shoes

Vans may be kind of expensive, but they last longer than any boy does.

35. When you were stalking someone on Instagram

I'm 156 weeks deep in someone's friend's cousin's mom's Instagram right now. Goodbye.

36. When you were baking treats

I can't talk if I'm putting icing on cupcakes.

37. When you were babysitting

Hitting me with a "wyd?" and a picture of your junk is NOT an appropriate thing to look at, especially when you have children around.

38. When you were making tea (or spilling it)

If the tea is scalding, it's likely about you.

39. When you were spending the night at your grandparents' house

This game of Yahtzee is popping off. No time to talk.

40. When you were doing literally nothing at all.

Laying in bed and staring at the wall is so much better than talking to you. Ladies, if you have one of these boys in your life, drop him! He is not worth the stress!