20 Romantic Gestures That Do Not Include Buying Flowers

20 Romantic Gestures That Do Not Include Buying Flowers

Because roses are SO overrated.

Though you're not exactly sure about how you want to go about expressing your feelings to your sweetheart, you definitely know that a bouquet of flowers isn't even an option. While sweet, a bundle of even the prettiest roses or daisies is so overdone and isn't unique by any means. But your love deserves the absolute best, so if you're in a rut, here are a few ideas for romantic gestures that you can use on your mission to steal their heart

1. Give them an annotated copy of your favorite book

2. Take a copy of a page from their favorite book and make them a blackout poem

3. Write some sweet thoughts on Post-It notes and put them around their room

4. Dramatically recite Shakespearean love poems to them

5. Slow dance in the middle of the room with the lights turned down

6. Surprise them with their favorite coffee from their favorite café

7. Send them a series of love letters or cute postcards over a few days

8. Dress up in some of their clothes and surprise them with your new outfit when they come home

9. Film a quick video of yourself and talk about all the things you love about them

10. Take them to an art or history museum and narrate your visit like a silly tour guide

11. Spend an entire weekday morning relaxing together in bed

12. Go somewhere scenic to watch the sunrise, then go out for an early-bird breakfast

13. Get the two of you matching coffee mugs

14. Go to Walmart late at night and chase each other through the aisles

15. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs from the front door to the kitchen, leading your love to a home-cooked meal

(and offer to vacuum later)

16. Go to a ceramics studio and paint each other mugs or plates

17. Go to the pet store together and buy a fish that you can both take care of

18. Fill up the gas tank in your partner's car just because

19. Do your partner's laundry when they've had a rough week

20. Hold their hand when you go for a drive (but be safe!)

You've been armed with some of the best, most romantic ideas that you can use to woo your significant other over and over again. Go get 'em, tiger!

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

10 Things Every Couple Must Complete On Their Bucket List Before They Die

If you're interested in doing sexual things that are more outside of the box, here's an intricate list of things every couple should check off their sexual bucket list before they die.

Dr King
Dr King

In my personal experience, I noticed that conversations centered around sexual exploration are talked about in terms of what we've already done. Countless times I've played the game "Never Have I Ever" to break the ice and find out what other people have done. Even then people mostly want to know who has done butt stuff, who have had threesomes, and who has hooked up with a certain amount of people already. However, we rarely talk about all the sexual things we'd like to embark in and even when we do, it's usually kind of basic or standard.

If you're interested in doing sexual things that are more outside of the box, here's an intricate list of things every couple should check off their sexual bucket list before they die.

1. Use weed lube

Foria Pleasure's enhancement product made of cannabis oil and coconut oil provides women with mind-blowing and longer lasting orgasms. The increasing popularity of the product has gotten featured on Cosmo, PopSugar, and VICE.

2. Have a sex marathon at the Secluded Intown Treehouse Airbnb

This Airbnb in Atlanta is the #1 most-wished listing worldwide and makes for gorgeous scenery considering you're surrounded by nature. The bed is centered directly in front of the best view of its lush woods so it would be insane not to use that to your advantage and have a marathon sex session to become one with your partner and the environment.

3. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower

What's sex without a little romance as well? If you can afford a romantic getaway to Paris which is arguably the most romantic city in the world, make sure to kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower as a mechanism for emotional foreplay.

4. Join the Mile High Club

If you're up for something daring, have sex with your partner while you're both on a plane. One of you can head straight there as the other follows about five minutes later. Then one of you can bend the other over the sink and keep going until you're both finished. To eliminate the risk of looking too suspicious, I would at least encourage for this to be done while most people are sleeping so that people aren't wondering why the bathroom is being occupied for so long.

5. Attend a sex party

This doesn't necessarily mean you have to partake in the festivities but it's worth checking out. What happens at sex parties vary but to my understanding, it's a social gathering where couples hang out or engage in whatever sexual activities they desire as long as consent is given by whichever parties are involved. Usually, these parties are hosted at people's homes or in hotel rooms at conventions.

6. Bang against your partner's desk at their corporate job

It's a thrilling fantasy to be bent over by your partner against their desk at their fancy executive job where they have to be professional toward others on the outside but all kinds of nasty with you behind closed doors. If your partner has a job as a general manager, data analyst, consultant, accountant, corporate controller, etc then this activity is perfect for you!

7. Have a sex marathon in a snow cabin

If you're looking for a baecation at a snow cabin during the winter, here a few Airbnbs to consider. Just don't forget to have some everlasting sex sessions while you're there.

8. Play "hide and go seek" in public

This isn't inherently sexual, but if you wanted to test the waters and see how creative you can get, you could go on a picnic in the park first. Then leave trackers—whether that be bread on the ground that the ducks can eventually eat or turn on your bitmoji's location on Snapchat to have your partner find you. Then when they finally meet up with you, you both can celebrate by having sex at your final destination.

9. Bang at a sex dungeon

In Chicago, there are some of the best underground sex dungeons to fulfill the deepest fantasies of those in the kink community. There are multiple playrooms that provide all the types of bondage accessories and plays you can think of.

10. Have a baecation at Desire Couples Resort

Embrace your adventurous side and indulge in an all-inclusive, clothing optional couples resort located on the glorious beaches of Cancun. This place is tailored toward couples who are apart of the swingers lifestyle but everyone is welcome to explore. Public sexual activity is permitted in some areas of the resort so it could be a great opportunity for the two of you to try things you've never even thought of before.

Dr King
Dr King

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I'm 4 Years Married At 23, And Still Every Moment, Every Day, Is An Adventure

Four years ago we followed our hearts, despite what everyone said and got married in Vegas, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Four years ago, November 11, 2014, I walked down the aisle of a small wedding chapel in Las Vegas. I was 19 and wearing a short lacy off-white dress we bought five days before at Forever 21.

The white linen-covered seats were empty, but my husband and I joke that they were filled with angels.

I approached the candelabras draped in white beads and the large silk flower bouquets. The man I had fallen in love with and met a year before stood there in his silver dress pants, brown boat shoes, and a purple T-shirt. He was smiling and handsome as ever.

We were both happy to be there after dashing across the city, trying to find a way to get cash for the marriage license without a debit card and make it to our chapel on time. The only way we made it was from the kindness of a stranger, a taxi driver for another chapel that so graciously paid for our marriage license and drove us to our chapel, don't worry we paid him back extra a few days later. We were almost an hour late, but everyone was gracious anyway.

It wasn't just that night that had been wild, for the past year he had been back and forth in our relationship.

It wasn't because we weren't crazy about each other, it was because we were. Sometimes when you're so in love with someone, it's scary. It's hard to trust it and believe you are allowed to follow your heart that seems to be defying all logic and everything you were taught. Most people doubted it would work out between us. Many told him to break up with me, while others told me I needed to move on and let him go, but I never could.

We looked into one another's eyes as we stood at the altar, our nervous smiles became more relaxed as reality set in, our dreams were finally coming true. Finally, we were here, just us, and no one to tell us it was wrong. The words of our song, "A Whole New World" from Disney's "Aladdin," fit perfectly, "No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming."

No one knew we were there.

The week before, I had run out of options waiting for him to make up his mind. I had no money, no job, and no car to get a job; I had given it all up for him. I was planning to fly back home at the end of the week, and for the first time, I was okay with it, but then he called me and said he wanted to see me.

He picked me up and took me to our favorite park. It was dark, and a little chilly and no one was around. We sat by the creek watching the water trickle through the rocks. The sweet scent of fallen leaves was comforting. I listened as he said, through tears, how he couldn't live without me. We didn't know what it would look like, but we had to be together. I told him I was done with the roller coaster and he agreed. He invited me to come along with him to Vegas for the conference he had been planning to attend there for months, and we could get married there. What did I have to lose? If he backed out, I still got a free trip to Vegas, and if he followed through? well, I got to be with him for the rest of my life. So, I said yes.

We didn't tell anyone what we were doing.

We told our families I was going with him but didn't say we were getting married, we would tell them after. For now, it was just us, saying our vows, and not letting anything stop us from following our hearts.

It has been four crazy, adventurous, wonderful years since then and we wouldn't have it any other way. Together we have lived in Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Alabama, Thailand, and Florida, because this life is too short not to enjoy and try as many new things as you can and follow your heart no matter what crazy places it may take you.

I married him because I knew that no matter what we were doing together whether it was gaming for eight hours straight, or motorbiking across Phuket, Thailand, or snorkeling in the Bahamas, or eating unhealthy amounts of junk food, or grocery shopping, or packing for the tenth time, no matter what it was, it was never boring.

He is my best friend, and I couldn't think for one second how terrible life would be without him, and neither could he.

That's why I married him, why four years ago I ran off to Vegas with him, having no clue what the heck I was doing, and not wanting it any other way. I'm glad we didn't have a big traditional wedding that was meticulously planned; planning was never really our style, and neither was tradition.

People often don't know how to react when we say we eloped in Vegas as they all tell their traditional wedding stories.

Sometimes they think it's really cool, other times they don't say much, as if they are ashamed. But we are proud we eloped. I am happy that we stopped listening to all the naysayers and we followed our hearts and never looked back. Here's to four exciting years of marriage with my best friend in the whole world, who I have yet to be bored of for even a moment. And here's to the many, many more adventures we will have together.

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