20 Romantic Gestures That Do Not Include Buying Flowers

20 Romantic Gestures That Do Not Include Buying Flowers

Because roses are SO overrated.

Though you're not exactly sure about how you want to go about expressing your feelings to your sweetheart, you definitely know that a bouquet of flowers isn't even an option. While sweet, a bundle of even the prettiest roses or daisies is so overdone and isn't unique by any means. But your love deserves the absolute best, so if you're in a rut, here are a few ideas for romantic gestures that you can use on your mission to steal their heart

1. Give them an annotated copy of your favorite book

2. Take a copy of a page from their favorite book and make them a blackout poem

3. Write some sweet thoughts on Post-It notes and put them around their room

4. Dramatically recite Shakespearean love poems to them

5. Slow dance in the middle of the room with the lights turned down

6. Surprise them with their favorite coffee from their favorite café

7. Send them a series of love letters or cute postcards over a few days

8. Dress up in some of their clothes and surprise them with your new outfit when they come home

9. Film a quick video of yourself and talk about all the things you love about them

10. Take them to an art or history museum and narrate your visit like a silly tour guide

11. Spend an entire weekday morning relaxing together in bed

12. Go somewhere scenic to watch the sunrise, then go out for an early-bird breakfast

13. Get the two of you matching coffee mugs

14. Go to Walmart late at night and chase each other through the aisles

15. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs from the front door to the kitchen, leading your love to a home-cooked meal

(and offer to vacuum later)

16. Go to a ceramics studio and paint each other mugs or plates

17. Go to the pet store together and buy a fish that you can both take care of

18. Fill up the gas tank in your partner's car just because

19. Do your partner's laundry when they've had a rough week

20. Hold their hand when you go for a drive (but be safe!)

You've been armed with some of the best, most romantic ideas that you can use to woo your significant other over and over again. Go get 'em, tiger!

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

10 Sex-Positive Candidates To Look For In The 2018 Midterm Elections

Noteworthy candidates who view human sexuality as more than the act itself, but also a potential mechanism for power and change.

Dr King
Dr King

There has been another shift in current American history in regards to sexual politics up to the point where there are visible parallels to the sexual revolution in the 1960s. Now people are embracing sexual liberation again. There's a new wave of sex-positive promotion that encourages a holistic view of sex and sexuality. Though it's not a term normally used in politics, there are still certain issues that coincide with the movement. Picking a candidate who holds sex-positive beliefs can help ensure that there is justice for sexual assault and domestic abuse survivors, rights for the LGBTQ community, recognition of intersectional feminism, expansion of accurate sex education, security for reproductive rights, and more! Here are 10 sex-positive candidates to look out for in the 2018 midterm elections:

1. Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts, 7th district, Democrat)

Long before the #MeToo movement, Pressley held hearings in order to improve policies of sexual assault on college campuses. Having gone through an experience with sexual assault herself at the age of 19, she stated that "it's imperative that colleges foster an environment where students feel comfortable coming forward."

2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York, 14th district, Democrat)

Many know of her as the candidate who could potentially be the youngest woman ever to be elected into Congress. However not many are aware of her values of intersectionality and inclusion of rights for ALL women. On her website she clearly states that she "wants to create a society in which women—which includes Black women, Native women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Muslim women, lesbian queer and trans women—are free and able to care for and nurture their families in safe and healthy environments free from structural impediments."

3. Ilhan-Omar (Minnesota, 5th district, Democrat)

She has expressed concern about discrimination of the LGBTQ community via her Twitter account. She hopes to ban conversion therapy and pass anti-bullying legislation.

4. Kathy Manning (North Carolina, 13th district, Democrat)

Manning advocates for protecting access to health care among women as well as promoting equal economic opportunities.

5. Katie Hill (California, 25th district, Democrat)

Hill is openly bisexual, and hopes to give a voice to the LGBTQ community be heard by protecting equality. She also stands up for the rights of reproductive freedom for women.

6. Lauren Underwood (Illinois, 14th district, Democrat)

Underwood has expressed her disapproval of the recent bill that has stripped funding of public schools that do not adhere to teaching of abstinence based only sex education. She desires to provide teenagers with the tools they need in order to make safe decisions about sex without being pressured into one option. She also disapproves of discrimination of transgender people in the military.

7. Beto O'Rourke (Texas, 16th district, Democrat)

O`Rourke has already made specific steps in order to enhance our education system regarding accurate and comprehensive sex education. He is one of the sponsors of the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act which not only provides teachers with training on sex education but outlaws funds that go toward sex education that withholds information about HIV and scientific evidence regarding sexual activity.

8. Jared Polis (Colorado, 2nd district, Democrat)

Polis is one of the lead sponsors of the Student Non-Discrimination Act which helps fights against intolerant acts against those due to their sexual orientation or gender identity and the Responsible Education About Life Act which gives grants to school systems in order for students to receive sex education includes information on both abstinence and contraception.

9. Kevin De León (California, 24th district, Democrat)

Legislative voting records show that he has been consistent in his efforts to prohibit sexual conversion therapy and alleviate mental repercussions of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

10. Angus King (Maine, 2nd district, Independent)

Voting records show that he was in favor of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act which created methods to improve justice for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault crimes. He also signed in favor of funding family planning clinics in order for clients of low-income communities to receive regular pap smears, mammograms, and STD testing.

With that said, let me make one thing crystal clear. By no means am I saying that upholding a sex-positive ideology is the only thing you should look for within a potential candidate. Other issues concerning war, gun violence, systematic racism, economy, homeland security, and employment are still hard-hitting issues that everyone should take into account when voting next month. However, a candidate who has a more holistic approach about sex can further give you an idea about how they'll choose to dismantle a broken system.

Dr King
Dr King

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How To Handle Yourself If People Are Constantly Gossiping About Your Relationship

Imagine how Kimye feels?


People adore love and breathe for gossip, drama, entertainment, so it's only predictable—maybe even natural—that your friends and others will rumor about your intimate relationship. As admirers of celebrities, we always poke at the romances of recently confirmed Channing Tatum and Jessie J or shocking Scott Disick and Sofia Richie or idealized John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

Yet, this isn't fair.

Imagine how Kimye feels? They're just an ordinary couple who yearns for privacy. Well, Kimye thrives on attention, so bad example, but you get the point: you and your relationship deserve freedom from interference of friendly, yet pestering, and possibly jealous commentators.

"Gossip is like a 'forest fire.'" (Donny Thomas Kurien)

Your friends tend to insert themselves into your love life all the time, especially when you're constantly sharing posts on social media. Yet, there are so many components to a romantic relationship that aren't shared, aren't known by the public, and are quite frankly, none of anyone else's beeswax. But, people still gossip.

No matter the fact that drama and the spread of rumors ruin friendships. My ex-suitemate moved out last year and, yes, you guessed it—the arguments all started from relationship whispers. Quarrels over the relationship being stupid, petty, baseless, etc. She couldn't take it anymore and our friend group blew up. After a sequence of depleting occurrences, people chose sides, secrets were disclosed, false accusations were made, and trust was betrayed. And to think it all started with a pair of friends tittle-tattling about the artificial aura of someone else's relationship.

However, it's important to remain sensible when others impede on your privacy. Freaking out on your friends, creating a scene, throwing food, tables, and chairs won't solve the issue.

Remember that you are in control.

"Your friends have absolutely no place" barging in on your love life and taking the wheel, and all it takes is a respectful conversation. Communication will forever be the go-to solver of quarrels and life-challenges. Therefore, have a talk with your friends and explain how disrespected you feel when your relationship becomes the talk of the town. True friends will understand and apologize. Nevertheless, stand your ground and declare the fact that you don't appreciate people wriggling into your intimate relationship.

Of course, not every circumstance can be handled with a "talk over a cup of coffee." In this case, your best, most mature course of action is to ignore the juvenile behavior of gossip. It's just jealous spectators entertaining themselves with ideas of your relationship.

Again, remember that you are in control. Ergo, you and your partner are the only ones concerned with the happenings of your connections. Act as a wall and let the drama bounce back rather than knock you guys down.

Tell them to stick to gossiping about "Gossip Girl's" Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.

Anyhow, sometimes your friends and family just want to protect you from the hidden signs of domestic abuse. Let them step in! Even if they're wrong, it's better to be safe than sorry. Red flags are warnings, so take everything into consideration.

Question your friends, the potential danger signs, and the ins and outs of your relationship. Be aware of the possibilities, but most importantly find peace, comfort, and happiness within your passionate connections.

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