It seems that before leaving for college, girls are taught several things about social life and the dangers of it that boys simply never had to learn. Why is that? Why are some rules of partying specific to females rather than their male peers? It's because boys have the privilege of not needing to be scared when going out.

Rather than teaching girls to watch their drinks, society should be teaching boys variations on the same social rules.

1. Don't drug anyone

It's one of those things that people shouldn't have to teach anyone, but leaving for college, almost every girl will be told to remember to keep her drink in hand and never look away from it. Why is that? Because people are horrible and like to drug other people.

Boys, please stop drugging people. It shouldn't have to be said, but if girls need to learn it, obviously boys do too.

2. Don't follow someone home

No matter what the intention is, don't follow someone to where they live. There's a reason girls walk home-- and even to the bathroom-- in groups. It's because girls are trained to be scared of men because they can and have repeatedly hurt them. If you are really worried about a girl getting home safely, call an uber for her, don't follow her home.

3. Don't keep trying if someone rejects you

Rejection sucks. No one really will disagree with anyone there, but rejection, in some cases, isn't an opportunity to pursue harder. If someone tells someone else no at a party, no matter what it is, respect it. Girls shouldn't have to say yes to dancing with the creepy guy at the rave just because the first three times they said no was ignored.

4. Don't get upset if someone says they already have a partner

It might seem radical to some people, but often times people in relationships will go out without their partner.

Just because a girl is talking to someone and seems to possibly be flirting with them, that doesn't mean she is cheating. It also means that when she brings up their partner, she should be treated like a liar, a cheater, or someone who was faking the interest of their conversation.

5. Don't think someone owes you anything

You don't deserve a dance for buying someone a drink. You don't deserve someone's number because you made sure they got home safely. You don't deserve someone to sleep with you just because of the way they dress.

Being a baseline good person is praised in a young man while a girl has to be past perfection to have any value in society. Boys should be held to higher standard, or at least their wrong actions shouldn't be excused simply because of their gender. Girls can be just as horrible as boys, however, society has put the blame on girls for actions that they are the victims of.