It's a beautiful day out. You're casually walking to class looking like a trash bag per usual. Minding your own business.


You see that boy you matched with on Tinder last night. HOW AWKWARD. Here's 10 thoughts that run through your head...

1. Wait... is that Brad or Chad...?

You swipe right on just about every male with Greek letters in their pics, cuz who doesn't love a good frat daddy?

Once you run into them you have to think... wait which one are you? Since they all wear the same Vineyard Vines tee... Awkward...

2. Please don't say hi. Please don't say hi.

All of a sudden...

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.


Just please don't talk to me sir... being on Tinder is humiliating enough.

3. Okay... But do I say hi?

I mean he's cute... I'm cute... Do I say something? Do I just pretend like I don't see him? I'm sweaty. AH. What do I do with my hands?????

4. I think you need to update your pics....

Boy, you look NOTHING like you do in your pics.... Disappointing AF. *Unmatches eminently*

5.  I hope they don't message me later.

^^^^ My face when I receive that awko taco Tinder message saying, "Hey. Saw you on the bus. You looked good."


6. How you doin'?


You are even hotter in person. I'll be messaging you later ;)

7. Do you even recognize me?

I think I've worn this shirt 3 times this week, I've maxed out on dry shampoo days, and I kinda smell... There's no way they know who I am.


Excuse me? I thought Tinder was for single people! They look pretty cozy. What the hell! I'm livid. This is why the world is all messed up!


That's totally his sister...

Ok we are all good. Nevermind. I'm Good. Walk it off.

9. What is he wearing...

Safe to say, fashion is probably not his strong suit. Lots of room for improvement.

10. Okay... why am I even on Tinder?

I think seeing this boy in public just took 10 years off my life. Why am I even doing this? CYA.

Once they pass, you regroup and delete the app right?

Who am I kidding, you get on it again that evening and go through this all again tomorrow on campus :)

When in doubt; swipe it out.