Selena Gomez released a new song, "Lose You To Love Me" and it is an absolute banger. In the song, Selena is (from what everyone is deducing) ultimately saying goodbye to her relationship with Justin Bieber, who dated then married Hailey Baldwin after less than six months of being broken up with Selena.

Justin and Selena were the power couple for Beliebers and Selenators in 2010 until they split the first time in 2012 and then pursued and on-again-off-again relationship from 2014 until their final split in 2018 — two months before Justin started dating Hailey.

Selena took time to heal, even during their breakup, to make sure she was ready to love again. She did spend most of her teenage years with him and some of her twenties, too. She endured hate from fans and critics worldwide for dating Justin just for him to toss her aside after two months.

It took me two years to get over my boyfriend of eight years, so you can imagine my heartbreak when I heard that Justin had moved on from a relationship that lasted nearly as long in only two months. Selena burned herself and possibly lost friends for her relationship with Justin all for him to not bat an eye over what they lost — what he lost.

Healing from a relationship for the amount of time we were together wasn't easy. There were nights when I would cry by just thinking about us being crazy kids and "in love" with each other. I would find myself on his social media pages to see what he was up to now since we don't talk to each other anymore. There was a time where I wanted to reach out to him and get closure, but I didn't need to ask him for reassurance because that reassurance was within me all along — I just had to take time to find it.

I found what worked for me to help me move on and keep myself busy from falling into a depression. I found my love for writing and realized that I'm really good at it. I found my love for being outside in nature to meditate and be with the Earth — I fell in love with the sun on my face and the wind combing my hair. I fell in love with myself as I took two years to replace the hole in my heart where he should've been with a newfound love for myself.

It took me two years to becoming immersed in myself and that's OK. It took Selena almost a year (maybe longer) to find closure in not being with Justin and that's OK. Time truly does heal all wounds.

Like Selena said, "And now it's goodbye — it's goodbye for us."

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