If You're Single, Practice Self-Care On Valentine's Day Instead Of Moping About It

If You're Single, Practice Self-Care On Valentine's Day Instead Of Moping About It

Why would you mope around about the fact that there has literally been a day designed to remind people they love each other?

Valentine's Day. Some people love it and other people hate it. But why? If you're hating the holiday just because you're single and can't go out and "celebrate loving your significant other," then you've got it all wrong.

If couples need a holiday to remind them that they love each other, they have another issue entirely. The concept of Valentine's Day in and of itself is an odd one.

Why would you mope around about the fact that there has literally been a day designed to remind people they love each other?

Nonetheless, though, Valentine's Day exists, and with that, people are going to be celebrating, so instead of celebrating your love for someone else, celebrate your love for yourself.

Instead of going out, seeing all of the couples around at the booths, why not stay in, order a pizza and watch your favorite show on Netflix for the evening?

You are important and if you're not going to partake in the romance-fest that is Valentine's Day, then you should at least celebrate yourself.

We live in an everchanging and forward motion society. Setting aside time to specifically care for yourself is so important, and if V-Day happens to be that day for you, then great!

Why not even stop by the convenience store and buy chocolates for yourself just because?

The best part of practicing self-care on Valentine's Day? You get to eat, binge-watch Netflix in your pajamas and not have to be social--does it get better than that?

Valentine's Day can make people feel like a failure or an outcast at times when their social media feed is filled with the "happy" couples celebrating, but don't think twice about it.

In fact, unplug from social media for the night if you have to so that you can fully focus on yourself.

Being single on Valentine's Day isn't a crime or something to be upset over. In fact, be happy that you can save money and just focus on what you want to do and focus on yourself.

It's ridiculous that society says you have to have a date with someone on Valentine's Day because the truth is, you don't.

Schedule a date with yourself instead of someone else this year.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

If All You Have To Talk About Is Your Boyfriend, Don't Talk To Me

This single pringle doesn't want to hear about how amazing Brad is 24/7.

I've learned to hold my tongue when it comes to talking about a guy I'm seeing now that I am older. When I was dating some boyfriends of the past, my high school-self found talking about them to be a topic of conversation I utilized quite a lot. Looking back on this, I've realized that people do not always want to hear about your significant other constantly — and many ladies haven't gotten the memo still.

I'm not saying don't talk to me about him. If I ask about him it's because I genuinely want to know how he is or hear the latest gossip. I don't hate hearing you talk about him, but if all I hear every second of our conversations is something about him doing this or that all I start hearing is blah blah blah. It may make me seem spiteful, not caring about him the way you do, but it's not my job to do that.

Friends support friends no matter what and I'm a large proponent of that. I love my friends dearly and I love many of their boyfriends dearly as well, whether I've met them or not. I'm talking about those girls you either overhear in the library on campus or at the local Dunkin' while waiting in line. Some of them you are friends or acquainted with, and they NEVER stop talking about how amazing their boyfriend is. Newsflash: the people with and around you in line really don't care.

As a very single pringle, I am envious of those who've found a great guy for them. What am I doing wrong to constantly be slighted by those I'm interested in? Getting ghosted or being told "they don't want a relationship" is the new norm, and I just expect it out of every guy I start talking to. If I give them the benefit of the doubt, they always hurt me in the end. When all I hear is the amazing things your boyfriend does I can't help but not want to hear about it all the time. Think about being in my shoes, do you think you'd want to hear about my boyfriend 24/7 if you were single and trying to figure yourself out?

I'm just asking for you to be more aware of just how much you talk about him. I'm happy to hang out with you girl on girl, but if he is the only topic of conversation, I can't call it girl time. Yes, my headline is a bit aggressive, but as I come to learn about myself better, I've realized if I don't want to be around this person, why bother?

I'm happy you have a loving boyfriend and I'm so happy you are happy. However, pick up some new conversation topics or we might not be talking as much anymore.

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Yes, I Know I'm The Girl With The Big Booty

Yes, I know it's there and no, you don't need to remind me.

I'm the girl with the big booty. Yes, I know this and no, you don't need to tell me.

The thing is, I am so tired of hearing about how big my butt is. Even though everyone who says anything means it as a compliment, it's actually driving me crazy. Honestly, thank you for wanting to compliment me, but compliment some other part of my body like my face or my smile. Complimenting my a** is all I've ever heard, it's unoriginal, and it's getting old.

If you tell me I have a big booty because you think I don't know, you're wrong. In case you didn't realize it, this booty is attached to my body. It is with me everywhere I go and I wake up with it every morning. I go shopping and have to find clothes that will fit it right or that I can squeeze into. I know it's there. I'm living with it. You don't have to tell me what you think about it.

If you would like to understand my frustration, here is a compiled list of the things I have heard people tell me or say about my butt and my body, most of them more than once, in the past few weeks:

1. "My boys had me come over here and I just had to say something because you are so thick."

2. "Damn girl, that a** though. What you doin' later?"

3. "Mmm, good morning to you!" -- said while staring at my bottom half.

4. "Hey booty, come here!"

5. "Oh my god."

6. "She thick bruh."

7. "Look at her."

8. "I ain't ever seen that on a white girl."

9. "Hey big booty Judy."

10. "Gotta donk."

11. "Wanna twerk that a** on me?"

12. "Holy sh*t."

13. "Woah, turn around there. Come back baby."

14. "Bro, bro, look."

15. "Daaaamn" and also "Daaaamn girl" and also "Daaaamn girl, that a**."

16. "This is Taylor. Look how big her butt is!" (Please do not introduce me to people like this!)

17. "You got a pretty face but that a** is so thick."

18. "You're not allowed to like white guys with an a** like that." Excuse me?

19. "Can I take your picture? I love taking pictures of thick girls and you look perfect." Uh, no. *Takes picture of me anyway*

20. *Grabs it* with a "Damn girl!"

I could go on, because I have plenty more typed into the notes section of my phone that I added to every time I heard something, but I think 20 is enough to get my point across. And really, my point is for you all to just stop.

I'm already insecure about my body. I already have anxiety about getting this kind of attention that I do not want when I go somewhere. I don't ever wear shorts because of this. In fact, I don't even wear the type of clothing to draw this kind of attention. I wear clothing that is just comfortable and really shouldn't generate this attention. I don't get to live my life to the fullest in fear of getting this attention from people.

And people will tell me not to be insecure because I have a "perfect body" but a "perfect body" in your eyes is one that needs to be changed in mine. Everyone has insecurities, even the most beautiful people in the world. So before you go wishing you had my body type or someone else's, think about that.

I'm tired of my body being sexualized over the size of my booty or how thick my thighs and hips are. No matter the size, it's still just a body and I'm still human. I want to be treated and looked at like a woman, not as an object that you can look at or have fun with and throw away when you're done. The way I'm treated and talked to over my body is not okay. These comments are degrading as a human and make me feel like less of a person.

Additionally, I would like to shine a light on the fact that this is sexual assault. Making these comments and even going as far as touching it, especially without my permission, is without a doubt the definition of sexual assault.

Next time you see me and feel the urge to say something about the size of my a**, say something about the size of my heart instead. Or about my outfit, my hair, my face, my smile...all of those things in which I put time and effort into. I'm tired of being seen as the thick girl or the girl with the big butt. I am so much more than that and I would like to be recognized for something else.

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