If You're Single, Practice Self-Care On Valentine's Day Instead Of Moping About It

If You're Single, Practice Self-Care On Valentine's Day Instead Of Moping About It

Why would you mope around about the fact that there has literally been a day designed to remind people they love each other?

Valentine's Day. Some people love it and other people hate it. But why? If you're hating the holiday just because you're single and can't go out and "celebrate loving your significant other," then you've got it all wrong.

If couples need a holiday to remind them that they love each other, they have another issue entirely. The concept of Valentine's Day in and of itself is an odd one.

Why would you mope around about the fact that there has literally been a day designed to remind people they love each other?

Nonetheless, though, Valentine's Day exists, and with that, people are going to be celebrating, so instead of celebrating your love for someone else, celebrate your love for yourself.

Instead of going out, seeing all of the couples around at the booths, why not stay in, order a pizza and watch your favorite show on Netflix for the evening?

You are important and if you're not going to partake in the romance-fest that is Valentine's Day, then you should at least celebrate yourself.

We live in an everchanging and forward motion society. Setting aside time to specifically care for yourself is so important, and if V-Day happens to be that day for you, then great!

Why not even stop by the convenience store and buy chocolates for yourself just because?

The best part of practicing self-care on Valentine's Day? You get to eat, binge-watch Netflix in your pajamas and not have to be social--does it get better than that?

Valentine's Day can make people feel like a failure or an outcast at times when their social media feed is filled with the "happy" couples celebrating, but don't think twice about it.

In fact, unplug from social media for the night if you have to so that you can fully focus on yourself.

Being single on Valentine's Day isn't a crime or something to be upset over. In fact, be happy that you can save money and just focus on what you want to do and focus on yourself.

It's ridiculous that society says you have to have a date with someone on Valentine's Day because the truth is, you don't.

Schedule a date with yourself instead of someone else this year.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Assuming Everyone You Meet Is Straight Is NOT The Mindset To Have In 2018

Remember - no one owes you a coming out statement.


Unfortunately, we live in a society that assumes everyone is straight until it's proven otherwise. Even though I'd argue our society is getting more and more progressive, our mindset on sexuality is something that is SO stuck in the past. Just because someone is dating someone of the opposite sex, hasn't shared a coming out statement, or doesn't look like a "stereotypically gay" does NOT mean they're straight. In order for us to be more accepting, we have GOT to kill this toxic mindset.

10 million American adults identify as a member of the LGBT+ community. Millenials identify more frequently as members of the LGBT+ community than other generation, so it's a lot more common now that the people you meet are NOT going to be straight. Remember - just because you're straight and just because the people you surround yourself with are all straight does not mean every single person you're ever going to come across will be straight, too. That's the definition of being close-minded, my friend. Friend groups have a lot more than just the one token gay friend - a lot of the time there are plenty of LGBT friends, they just may not be as open about it. And that's okay! No one owes you a coming out statement.

However, many of us believe that individuals in the LGBT+ community DO owe us a coming out story. And many times, this is what those individuals have to do. Their coming out stories are usually highly dramatic, full of tears and lost relationships with friends and family all over their sexuality. If we stopped putting the blank assumption on everyone we meet from the day they are born—yes, I'm coming at all of you parents who call your two-month-old son a "ladies' man"—coming out wouldn't be nearly as difficult for LGBT+ individuals.

There are so many sexualities someone could identify as, many of which fall under the LGBT+ umbrella. Yes, being straight is still much more common than not, but that doesn't mean we need to be heteronormative. We need to be more accepting, keep an open mind, and remember that assuming everyone we meet is straight or cisgender until proven otherwise is NOT okay.

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Selena Gomez Is Out Here Living Her Best Life, Post Jailey Engagement​

Maybe she finally is so sick of that same old love...


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past like, eight years, it's no secret that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been the on-and-off again power couple of pop culture since they were first spotted holding hands in 2010.

Because they've had such an iconic and powerful romance, Justin's recent engagement to model Hailey Baldwin came as a shock to many, especially having only dated Hailey for a month. It's hard to imagine Justin dating, let alone marrying, anyone other than his "most elegant princess in the world" Selena.

With his engagement, many expressed their concerns for how Selena was handling the news, given that she and Justin had been seen on dates as recently as four months prior to the engagement. Although Jelena was undoubtedly toxic between breaking up and getting back together every week and rumors of cheating, it's impossible not to feel sympathy for Selena after her first love was so quick to call another girl "the love of his life." I'll admit it, I've loved the two together and was rooting for them earlier this year when they chose to rekindle their love. Hearing that Justin threw it all away so quickly devastated me, and I can only imagine how Selena was feeling.

But counteracting the way that most would react after watching their ex rebound and, quite frankly, downgrade (sorry, Hailey), Selena has bounced back and has shown Justin that she is unbothered by his engagement and even better off without him.

Only a few short days after the news of the engagement hit the Internet, Selena was seen on Instagram hanging with her best friend on a ginormous yacht with the New York City skyline behind them. Although she hasn't publicly said anything or hinted about her feelings on his engagement, the smile in the pictures says it all: she's happier without him.

Even as headlines continued to swarm the media, Selena took on the streets of NYC sporting a shirt with the message written on the pocket, "only the strong survive." Knowing that she would be photographed that day and knowing the news that had just been announced, it's hard to believe that this shirt was a coincidence. More importantly, she's still smiling.

Selena's always faced criticism on the Internet for not speaking up for Latina rights, for not promoting Black Lives Matter, and for simply breathing. But with the news of the engagement, the Internet has been on her side. Tweets from both fans and those just reading about Jailey claim that she is finally free and that they hope that Hailey is pregnant so that she'll never go back to Justin.

It's only been a few short days, but Selena is doing better than ever. Surrounding herself with her closest friends and having the time of her life, she's unstoppable. The Jailey engagement may have been what she needed to finally quit Justin and carry on with her best life.

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