You know that guy in your class you've secretly had a crush on all semester? The one that you've been too scared to admit? There's no more hiding. Whether you've said three words to him or already had an intense makeout session, here is a list of things that you MUST try before it's too late.

Warning: the majority of these are inspired by a compilation of bad decisions that can easily be accomplished in one night.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Text him and ask if he’s going to your best friend’s party to celebrate the last day of classes.

What better way to make it seem like it's-totally-not-a-big-deal then to casually say you're already planning on going anyway.

2. Send a few “It’s lit” Snapchats if he is on the fence about coming.

You low-key already know that he's going to show up because it's his last chance to see you before everyone goes home for the holidays, but do it anyway.

3. Start drinking like you're competing for a gold medal in the Olympics.

This way you have something to fall back on when you make a complete fool of yourself later on in the night.

4. Find a reason to touch him - a LOT.

Once he's there, make sure you're constantly finding an excuse to touch him. For maximum results, get a few drinks in him or else you'll just look like a fucking idiot.

5. Ask him to finally show you those tattoos that he has been bragging about all semester.

Please take off your clothes already so I don't have to.

6. Insist on having a strip-tease contest in your friend’s basement.

Why not? You've got nothing to lose...except maybe your clothes.

7. If he loses, bet on waxing off his chest hair so that only your initials are left on his body.

And then tell him it was his idea.

8. Decide that it was a terrible idea and convince him to just give you his shirt instead.

Or just get him to unbutton it really low, like, all of the buttons.

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9. Steal his bottle of tequila and retreat upstairs until he notices you’re gone.

Bonus points if you drink so much of it that you wake up the next morning speaking Spanish.

10. Plug in the AUX cord and see how he reacts to your music taste.

Honestly, it doesn't even matter what you play. When you're drunk, anything sounds good.

11. Whisper dirty comments in his ear when all of your friends are watching the two of you.

The words will start rolling off the top of your tongue like they're nothing. As you'll come to find, these words actually do mean nothing if he turns out to be a complete piece of trash.

12. Get him alone so you can confess your true feelings.

Preferably in a quiet location, somewhere nobody will hear your heart breaking the silence.

13. When the conversation hits that awkward silence, wait in anticipation for that kiss.

Or just ask him to make the damn move. Oh wait, but you might "kill the mood" if you do, according to him at least.

14. Realize that it means nothing because you're both drunk, go home, repeat again next semester.

Forget about him and focus on catching up on all the sleep you lost this semester worrying about his dumb ass.