Remember Nickelodeon's show, “Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide"? Every episode highlighted a certain topic, and Ned would provide “survival tips" for that topic. Well, Ned, you may have helped me through junior high, but I would've liked some college tips too. So, in honor of remembering this ICONIC show, here's my take on a common topic we all experience in undergrad: sex. Some may say there are obvious unspoken rules to sex, but sometimes everyone needs a little reminder.

Tip #1. Communicate (in and outside of the bedroom)

Until you graduate and get a hold of your life, you'll probably be living with other people. So give 'em a heads up if, ya know, you're planning on getting down and dirty... or put a sock on the door... or just, like, text them?

But also don't forget that communicating in the bedroom is a good thing too!

Tip #2. Get consent!


Tip #3. Use protection


Tip #4. Be aware of noise

If you're in the dorms, you share one room. If you're in apartments, the walls are paper thin! Don't forget about your roommates... they can hear everything... like everything.

Tip #5. Alternate locations

For the sake of your roommates, change up the location! Plus, the walls may be thicker at his/her place. Or if he doesn't have his own place, maybe try switching it up! In a car, gas station bathroom, movie theater, you get the idea. (don't knock it 'till you try it)

Tip #6. Shackers should leave at a reasonable time

Unless your ~hookup partner~ plans on paying rent and cleaning up around your living space, they don't live there, so politely part ways and give them an early start on that walk of shame!

Tip #7. Clean up after yourself

Whatever you decide to use during sex (no judgment here), dispose of it at the convenience of others... not just you.

Tip #8. Don't make invalid excuses

We get it. Everyone is human. We all make mistakes. But, if you mess up, talk it out, apologize, and confront the situation.

Tip #9. Be considerate

In other words, don't forget those basic manners! Sorry, but it's NOT all about YOU.

And finally... Tip #69. Consider there's more to life than a daily/weekly hookup

Yeah we know, sex is fantastic (sorry mom) and obviously procreation is ideal to "life" itself. But every once in a while, just acknowledge the fact that maybe, just maybe, you should take the day off from all things physical... or not.