When you're feeling it, you're needing it, so forget that food coma becuase you're DTF.

After a delicious meal, things may heat up between you and your romantic interest and you don't want your food baby to get in the way. Whether you're exhausted from playing footsy under the table during your festive dinner with the family or stuffing yourselves with your grandma's tasty treats, or maybe you just got that "You up?" text, being horny doesn't vanish. No matter how much food you've munched or how tipsy you are, your body may be craving something else.

Out of the billions of wise words my mom has shared, she has always stood for, "What else is there in life except for sex and happiness?" You've already devoured food–happiness–so now sex is what's left.

The last thing you want is to throw up or fall asleep, so take it slow, light some candles, turn up the tunes, rock, paper, scissors it and decide which lover is going to exert a tad bit more energy than the other, and bow-chick-a-wow-wow.

Bonus points if you bring the dessert into bed, have fun with toys, (heated) massage oils, and maybe even some light bondage.

1. Reverse lotus


Your typical lotus position where one lover sits on the other, but when your belly gets in the way, just turn around and ta-da!

2. Spoon


Everyone loves to spoon and snuggle #bigspoonlittlespoon. So, when the tension gets high and you two kiddos want to rock and roll (without getting crazy and breaking a sweat), this position is ideal. You can even get a deeper penetration if you curl your legs against one another or go all the way with the Twizzler and intertwine your legs.

3. Classic missionary


This classic is perfect for all situations, you just can't go wrong! And, if you two lovebirds are truly drained but still want to get it on, this move allows you to lazily lay on top of one another–using your arms for stability isn't even a priority. Plus, supposedly, moving your pelvis around in circles has been shown to provide bursts of energy, which can motivate you for the rest of the night.

4. The toad


Lay your head comfortably on a pillow as your legs wrap around your partner and you'll quickly become aroused as they enter you. Just don't think about toads, since that isn't exactly stimulating.

5. Collapsed Doggy


Take your traditional doggie pose and drop your body to the bed for the not as ruff sleepy doggie (don't worry your booty still looks sensational).

6. Tight Squeeze


This act comes with intense movement with one laying on their back and the other aficionado laying right on top. Take it real slow–steer away from any thrusting, pulsing, pumping–and savor up the deepness.

7. The letter 'T'


"T" is for tired, and this position is awesome for both drowsy enthusiasts! As both are lying down perpendicular to one another their legs face each other and cross over, you know, forming a "T."

8. Lotus straddle


As soon as you place those dishes into the dishwasher, hop on the kitchen counter and straddle your paramour as you pull them in close with your legs.

9. Right angle


Okay, okay, this one can get pretty extreme, but it doesn't have to be! One comfortable devotee is on their back (laying on a bed, table, sofa, etc.) with the other one in front, standing, and eager to thrust.

10. Lean back


Simple: he kneels in front of you as you lay back and then he straightforwardly slips in.

11.  Reverse cowgirl


Take your standard cowgirl and turn her around! She can also get some rest as she leans down against his legs.

12. Mutual masturbation


If you two admirers just can't get yourselves to turn over from all the food, resort to masturbation. Use toys on one another for brownie points!

13. Cowgirl


Hop on and get to riding! Yee-haw!

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Take note that most of these easygoing sex positions are relevant for a heterosexual couple; however, some apply to all types of relationships #loveislove.

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