Many of us have been through it—the pain of a cheating partner. So many emotions like anger, sadness, betrayal, and fear run through our veins and numerous of us can say that feeling is one of the worst we've ever felt.

Cheating is different to everyone. Some may think flirting is cheating and others may think it's not. Some may think kissing is cheating and some might not. We all take in cheating differently and when it happens (which it shouldn't), we come to face many different scenarios on what we should do.

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If your partner cheats on you, the first question that is always asked is if you should break up with them or work things out. Almost everybody would say to end things, but when you're actually put into that situation with someone you love, it's a lot harder to make a decision than you think.

Let's say you take your partner back. Many say people deserve second chances, and if you decide to work things out and give your partner the benefit of the doubt, it could potentially make your relationship stronger in the end. Either your relationship becomes stronger than ever or it all goes crashing down. In my opinion, people can change, yet I still believe the "once a cheater, always a cheater" quote.

If you stay, you're risking a lot such as another heartbreak (which is nine out of ten times worse than the first one). But, you could be risking it all for the better. Your partner realized they made a grave mistake and that you're the one they want in the end. This can result in you two discussing how to improve your relationship and if they want you, they'd be willing to work on what needs to change in the relationship in order for it to work out in the end.

Although, the number one con of taking your partner back means no trust... at all. I was in this position one time and all I could think about when he wasn't texting me back or with his friends that he was actually cheating on me again. And sadly, sometimes that paranoia hits me in my new relationship when I know my new boyfriend wouldn't cheat on me. There's a good chance that if you take your partner back, your relationship will never be the same. From personal experiences and my friends' experiences, your partner will think you'll forgive them for anything since cheating is the number one no-no rule... which means they're bound to cheat again. No one deserves to feel like garbage... especially for a second time. You truly deserve someone who is down for you and only you.

Every relationship is different and the end results vary for everyone that involves cheating. I don't want to look down on anyone for taking back their partner if they cheated, because I did the same. And although mine didn't work out, and yours did, I'm happy for you and happy your relationship was able to be saved. If you end up in this situation, please take time to consider what you think is best for you. After all, to be happy you must be your own sunshine.