After a certain point, the words "I love you" can only mean so much. Relationships get tiring and there are only so many big gestures one has the time and money to afford. Showing your partner love can mean so much more than saying a few words. Not only can the words start to have less meaning, but your wallet can only handle so many fancy dinners and trips. Here are a few ways to show your partner you love them without using the words "I love you" and that cost you less than $10.

1. Write a love letter and leave it somewhere to surprise her.

2. Clean her room.

3. Make her bed.

4. Put clean sheets on her bed for her. 

5. Buy her a candle.

6. Buy her an ice cream cone. 

7. Buy her a bouquet of flowers from Publix.

8. Bring her a pack of her favorite candy. 

9. Give her a back rub.

10.  Ask about her day, then listen.

11.  Take her to the movie she's been telling you about.

12.  Tell her she looks beautiful.

13.  Post on social media about her.

14.  Introduce her, shamelessly, to your friends. 

15.  Invite her to hang out with you and your friends. 

16.  Plan an indoor movie night. 

17.  Bring her her favorite soda after a long day. 

18. mail her a letter, even if you live close to each other it will still come as a surprise and make her day 

19.  Binge watch her favorite tv show with her, even if you hate it.

20.  Hold her hand in public. 

21.  Text her in the middle of the day and check on her. 

22.  Take (cute) candid pictures of her. 

23.  Introduce her to your family. 

24.  Meet her family. 

25.  Go to that craft fair she really wants to go to, without complaining. 

26.  Take her window shopping.

27.  Buy her a cute pair of cozy socks. 

28.  Leave sticky notes with things you love about her written on them throughout her apartment.

29.  Make a playlist of songs that remind you of her.

30.  Play the said playlist for her.

31.  Pick her up after class/work and take her to get a treat.

32.  Surprise her with lunch at work.

33.  Pick her up from her apartment, with Chick-Fil-A in hand and take her on a picnic. 

Okay, maybe this is just me. But still, this is possibly the greatest idea of all time.

Showing people that you love them doesn't have to be hard, painful or expensive. Putting in a little extra effort everyday by doing something small can go a long way. Show your girl that you love her today.