For anyone who knows me, I'm an awkward girl (duh) and I get crushes. I hate to admit it, but I get crushes VERY frequently.

Sometimes I'll get a crush on a random guy I don't even know in one of my classes, and sometimes I'll get a very serious crush that keeps building on someone I know pretty well.

Sometimes I make it up in my head that they like me back and get hurt when I find out they, in fact, do not feel the same way. To be honest, it's not all my fault for thinking they'd like me back because guys do tend to send some mixed signals as well.

But, when you know how to read the signs, girls are pretty straightforward. If we like you like that, you'll know by picking up the hints. However, it's probably a little more difficult to tell if an awkward girl likes you. Awkward girls, you'll be able to relate to this... probably, but if you're a guy reading this and you want to know if that awkward girl does, in fact, like you, today's your lucky day.

Here are 5 signs you can look out for to determine whether she likes you.

1. She’ll be very sarcastic, yet flirty.

I'm always very sarcastic with my crushes, but not mean. My reason? I just can't flirt, so I'm rude to you until you date me. In all seriousness, I mess around with the guys I like. I want to make sure they have the same sense of humor as me.

2. She won't look you in the eyes when you talk.

I don't know why we do this, to be honest. Maybe because we don't want to give away the fact that we like you. Or maybe we're just so awkward that eye contact with a cute boy we like is just impossible.

3. Similarly, you’ll catch her looking at you, but she’ll look away.

Look, I know I'm not slick. I know there was a 98% chance you caught me mid-unintentional-stare. Most of the time I'm zoned out, though, and had NO idea I was even looking at you.

4. She messes with her hair a lot.

I touch my hair and neck a ton around my crushes. It's not intentional, I guess it's just a nervous thing.

5. She asks a lot of questions.

She just wants to know more about you and she likes talking to you. She's not trying to pry.

I'm not saying just because an awkward girl shows one or two of these signs, they're into you. However, if she shows a lot of them and you have other reasons to assume she likes you, then shoot your shot.

Girls can be complicated, but you just have to know how to read them.

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