I know, it's a spooky time of year. Between Halloween quickly approaching and cuffing season in full swing, things might get real WEIRD — if they haven't started to already, that is.

Whether you're looking for a new boyfriend to "cuff up" or you're already in a relationship and kind of suspicious of your BF's behavior, it makes sense...

Here are 17 signs to look out for on date night because you might unknowingly be dating a vampire:

1. He's a night owl.

2. He sleeps all day.

3. He hates garlic.

4. He loves to bite your neck — sometimes a little too hard.

5. He's a cat guy since wolves are in the dog family.

6. He gets sunburned very easily.

7. He has an old soul.

8. He has a million family heirlooms.

9. He prefers to work the night shifts.

10. He wears sunglasses any chance he gets.

11. He literally won't stop parkouring off walls.

12. His eyes are hypnotizing.

13. He never looks in the mirror before he goes out.

14. His incisors are unusually sharp.

15. He's constantly volunteering at blood drives.

16. He has strangely sensitive hearing.

17. He only describes his past heartbreaks as having "had a stake through his heart."

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