People fall in and out of love every single day. Sometimes you can't help it — you wake up one morning and really just don't have the same feelings that you once had for someone. This is OK. We are constantly changing our minds and our feelings are constantly riding on the waves of emotions we feel every day. There is no shame in falling out of love with someone. Although hearing that your partner no longer loves you is devastating, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. Here I have 10 tangible signs that your man has fallen out of love with you, so that you aren't caught off guard when he tells you.

1. You stop spending time together

If you went from having a sleepover every night, going on a date a few times a week, or simply watching Netflix every night together to now spending half the amount of time with him, never going on dates, and him rejecting the idea of a Netflix and sleepover party, he probably is trying to wean his way off of you in an effort to make things easier on him when he breaks the news to you.

2. He stops calling you 

It's one thing to text someone and have them ghost you, it's another when the man you've been linked up with has been consistently calling you every day for the last six months and suddenly that stops. Those daily phone calls turn into a weekly — if that.

3. Your conversations are short and meaningless

In addition to him not calling you consistently like he used to, it seems like whenever you talk now that your conversations have no point. There is no depth or emotion in your conversations. You went from talking about your day and why Brenda from the office upset you to not even bringing up how your day went and skipping right to the arguments.

4. He stops saying 'I love you'

This may be the biggest determining factor. If you went from saying 'I love you' daily to now feeling weird when you say it, him not responding back that he loves you, or him disregarding your feelings, he probably isn't in love with you anymore.

5. He stops trying to 'woo' you

There once used to be surprise dates, flowers, and passion in your relationship. It's what held your relationship together, really. Now there's none of that. There's no trying to win you over like he did when you first met. It seems as though he's run out of ideas on how to woo you and that he doesn't even put in the effort.

6. He takes longer to respond

It doesn't matter what you say, it takes him hours to respond. He once was able to respond so fast you couldn't even close out of snapchat before he responded. You know that his work schedule isn't busier than it was before so that can't be the reason he isn't responding... Maybe he simply just doesn't want to talk to you and in an effort to make that happen he just doesn't open your messages or respond.

7. He leaves you on read

This might seem excessive, but trust me. When he leaves you on read after you text him what his plans are tonight, if he wants to hang out, etc. He is probably going out of his way to not only not talk to you, but to not hang out with you.

8. He becomes unenthusiastic about everything

He used to be your hype man. He used to get amped to spend time with you, to do things together, and to sit in your presence. Now, it seems as though being around you is a chore. Like you are a burden, something blocking him from what makes him genuinely happy.

9. He doesn't want to talk about it 

When you bring up why he's been distant, if he's OK, etc. And he doesn't want to talk about it, thats a huge sign. If he brushes off your concerns as though they don't mean anything, I'm sorry but to him, they don't mean anything. Any man who is genuinely in love with you would want to sit down and work through things.

10. He won't look you in the eye

If he suddenly can't make eye contact without becoming visibly uncomfortable, agitated, or upset there's something wrong. If he doesn't want to grab your hands, look you in the eyes, and talk about what's going on, he's not only not the man for you, but he doesn't love you. There was a time when he could look you in the eyes and everything around you would disappear. Now, whenever he looks at you, he gazes above your head so it looks like he's looking at you when he's really not.