A narcissistic personality disorder is a mental condition characterized by an excessive need for attention, manipulation of others, lack of empathy, and grandiosity. Under this superficial facade lies an individual with fragile self-esteem and sense of worth.

Here are 7 clear signs the person you're dating is a total narcissist:

1. They're charismatic in public, but toxic in private.

Upon first meeting them, a narcissist can come off as charismatic, entertaining, and fun to be around. They use these "artificial personalities" to reel in their "victims," such as potential romantic partners and friends. Once they have established themselves using these traits, narcissists begin exploiting friends/partners for their benefit.

2. They're "bad at love."

Narcissists can't last in a relationship due to their unrealistic expectations, lack of empathy, and inability to receive criticism. It's quite common for people to feel traumatized during their romantic relationship with a narcissist. Their lack of emotional empathy causes them to be inconsiderate of the feelings of their partner. At first, they seem ideal, showering their partner with gifts, attention, and "love." They use these methods to "trap" their partner. Once trapped, partners of narcissists are subject to patterns of emotional abuse, gaslighting, and manipulation.

3. They seek attention.

Even though narcissists seem confident, they lack intrinsic self-esteem. They feed off of compliments, attention, and admiration. Narcissists want to constantly be in the center of attention. Within them is a deep-rooted need for admiration and attention from everyone they encounter. The attention-seeking behavior of a narcissist drains those close to them.

4. They lack empathy.

This is a dead give-away that someone is a narcissist. To have empathy, one must think from the perspective of others, which is something a narcissist is unable to do. A narcissist's lack of empathy is the reason they can't maintain long term relationships and friendships.

5. They make everything about themself.

Narcissists are conversation hoarders, always switching the focus of the conversation towards themselves. They can never resist the urge to make something about themselves. Someone could be discussing their problems, and a narcissist would be quick to interrupt and talk about how their problems are worse. Someone could be discussing their accomplishments, and a narcissist would be quick to confer their accomplishments to one-up the other person.

6. They believe others are envious of them.

A narcissists' grandiosity and inflated sense of importance make them believe they are superior to everyone else. These people are unable to deal with criticism for their repulsive actions. Whenever they receive criticism they claim that the person criticizing them is "just jealous." Instead of using constructive criticism to improve themselves, they retaliate against the person giving it to them.

7. They're materialistic.

Superficiality is a narcissist's middle name. They believe their extravagant homes, cars, designer clothes, and possessions put them above others on the hierarchy. Do not confuse spending one's hard-earned money as narcissism. Narcissists expect to be catered to by their significant other, and usually marry rich and demand their spouse to provide for their excessive materialistic wants.

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