It's never easy initiating things with a crush, especially when you're shy.

Here are things every shy girl does when they have a crush (and if they deny it, they're lying):

1. Stalk their Instagram

We'd all be lying if we said we've never done this. Potential friends, employers, and definitely your crush have stalked at least the last three weeks of your Instagram posts. It's a public portfolio of your life! And can make or break a first impression.

Everyone, shy or not, definitely takes a look at their crushes Instagram, but a shy girl might do it from a FINSTA. Yes, a fake Insta. Shy girls may be too scared for you to know that they requested to follow from their personal account, so they might do it secretly.

Sorry shy girls, I'm outing all of us.

2. Swerve them if their crush actually hits on them 

A shy girl may be too scared to face the fact that you actually like them. Even though they're obsessed with you, they're definitely deathly afraid of you. A shy girl may want to talk to you, but thinks you're so perfect that they have no idea what they would actually say to you in conversation. It's hard for anyone to face their crush without dying, it's even more so for a shy girl.

3. Become absolutely into you before you even know our middle name 

Shy girls act the way they do because they are careful. They don't do anything without testing the waters, and they are super precautionary. But when they're in, they're totally in. They've spied you from a distance, but now they've decided you're a good idea. Congratulations, she's now obsessed with you. Probably before you've even hung out.

4. Accidentally hit on your friend

Sometimes because shy girls are too scared to interact with you, they may talk to your friends instead. In her mind, it's getting closer to you without actually having to face potential rejection with who she really likes. She might even be doing it to make you slightly jealous.

You can imagine this gets messy when her shyness makes her totally adorable when she's talking to their friends. It can quickly look like she's interested in them when really she's just thinking about the person she's obsessed with.

5. Internet stalk you 

Because a shy girl is too nervous to talk to you in person, she constantly fights the urge to get to know you inorganically through social media. The music you listen to, your major, where you're from—all the things that would make obviously great conversation with you in real life become things she'll want to use the power of the internet for. And she probably does.

6. Unintentionally ghost you

Yes, shy girls mess up the talking phases too! She may not even realize what she's doing, but sometimes her nervousness in this cycle stops her from talking to you for a while. She's still thinking about you, but she psychs herself out. When the days turn to weeks, and if life gets busy, she may make the unaware mistake of complete ghosting.

Shy girls definitely have a lot to overcome when it comes to their crushes. If you have a crush on a shy girl, don't be afraid to take the extra initiative to get to know her! She'll appreciate the effort you take to help get her out of her comfort zone. And if you're a shy girl, don't be afraid to show at least a little interest! Shyness can cause you to play it so cool that he has NO IDEA you're into them, or even exist if you've never approached them at all. You don't have to overdo it, but at a little intentionality, or even kindness goes a long way.