We have all heard the term "fuckboy" and I am sure we have all crossed paths with one or two along the way, but have you heard the term "fuckgirl?" A fuckgirl is the female version of a fuckboy. She manipulates guys who adore her, cheats and could care less how her actions affect others. She can't be trusted. A heartbreaker hiding behind an innocent smile, a spunky personality and lots of Instagram followers. I am all about women empowerment. You do you, but if your actions hurt other people, then you need to reevaluate.

Here are 10 signs she is definitely a fuckgirl:

1. She has SO many guy friends.

There are some girls who are actually a bro. Those girls rock and you have nothing to worry about, but if your girl snaps and texts a ton of guys and you start to figure out she has hooked up with over half of them... you're probably being played.

2. She is overly protective of her phone.

This is sketchy when guys do it, and it's sketchy when girls do it. She always has her phone face down, she never opens snaps or texts where you can see and if you touch her phone she loses it. What do you have to hide?

3. She goes for guys who already have a girlfriend.

This girl likes a chase. She likes being chosen over somebody else without a care in the world of who could get hurt. If she hooks up with someone with the knowledge that they're in a relationship, then she has no respect for the boundaries of any relationship including her own. Future home wrecker in the making.

4. She always ends up out with guys when she's having a "girls night."

If she tells you she's staying in with the girls just for you to see snaps of her out on the town with her friends and a group of guys and she didn't invite or tell you, then that's a fuckgirl red flag.

5. She comments flirty things on guy's Instagram pictures.

First off, there's a difference between flirty and friendly. If she is commenting flirty things with heart eye emojis or kissy faces on some hot guy's picture then she probably isn't only talking to you.

6. Her Snapchat besties are all guys.

If there's not one girl on her snap best friends list and these guys aren't actually "just friends," then there's probably more going on there. Lucky for her, you have no proof they're flirty since snaps disappear forever. (-:

7. Every single ex is an evil psycho.

If every single ex she has ever had is "psycho" or "horrendous" and she did nothing wrong at all... odds are she's the crazy one.

8. BUT she still talks to all of her exes.

So your exes are crazy, but you still talk to all of them? Interesting... I can understand being cool with one here and there, but if she is talking to ALL of them (even after they supposedly sucked SO BAD) then you know... there's a little "somethin somethin" going on for sure.

9. She's super touchy with all guys.

If y'all go out together and she is grabbing on guys or just being incredibly flirtatious... naturally you're going to get upset. Here's the best part: once you confront her for making you look like a total fool in front of all of your friends, YOU'RE the crazy one. How dare you question her for sitting on the lap of that hot baseball guy!

10. She doesn't like labels.

I am sorry... but what girl doesn't like labels??? She makes you feel exclusive in private, but publicly y'all are "just friends." Watch out for this one.