If you are wondering whether or not the person you're with is really "the one," well... here are 13 tell-tale signs you're with your soulmate for life.

1. You can't imagine a future without them in it.

As much as you try, while thinking of your own future you just can't not see them in it.

2. You can be physically separated for an extended period of time but yet still have the same connection.

Couples don't always have to be connected at the hip. If you can honestly say that you can trust your partner to be away from you for a while and the connection and trust will still be there, you're 2 for 2, next!

3. The conversations never feel forced.

We've all been there: when you're on a date, meeting someone for the first time, or even someone you know well already, and for some reason, the conversation feels a little too hard to keep flowing... yeah, that's not a good sign pal...

4. Your differences make your relationship well-rounded, not troublesome...

We all know the phrase "opposites attract" right!? Well... too many differences and you'll be hearing "we have nothing in common." Too many similarities and you're faced with a boring and repetitive relationship!

5. You find you are the most YOU that you can be when you're with them.

Having to hide even the smallest thing is just a recipe for disaster and if you feel like you can't admit something to them, they might be your partner but they are more than likely not your soulmate!

6. Speaking of not having to hide… You can tell them anything, and I mean anything!

I'm talking embarrassing things, childhood trauma, goofy thoughts, and guilty pleasures! "Closed book?" Who's that?!

7. You can trust them to be the "acting CEO of you" when you are not around.

Meaning they know you like the back of their hand! You can trust them to make a decision on your behalf when you physically can't.

8. Speaking of trust… You can trust them with your life and know they always have your best interest in mind.

Yeah, you know the scenario… you're hanging off a cliff with their best friend... who would they save?

9. Speaking of lives…. You can honestly say “I would die for you”... and actually mean it!

Think about that… like……. reeeally….. would you?

10. You want them to succeed in life, even more than you.

This is the feeling a parent has for their child, you want the world for them.

11. They know your flaws, and you are happy they do.

When some people know your flaws, it might feel like you're exposed or vulnerable. When your soulmate knows them, you feel protected, seen, unjudged, and like you have an outlet to talk to.

12. If they shop, order, or gift-shop for you, you could say “You know me so well” with complete honesty.

We've all said that lie, and that can feel especially hurtful if it was caused by your partner.

13. They matter more than the relationship.

In other words… you all know the phrase: "You don't love me, you love the idea of me!"Just think about it: if for some reason you two could never actually date, would you stay with them. Is their company more comforting than the label? Do you value them as a person more than the recognition?

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