If you don't love White Claws, you're crazy. However, some of us may love White Claws a lot more than others — and it shows.

Here are 10 signs you're dating someone who loves to crush White Claws:

1. They raced to the stores to find the new flavors.

If you've already tried the lemon, tangerine, and watermelon flavors, or if your S.O. ran out to buy the new variety pack, then you KNOW you're dating someone who is really obsessed with White Claws and had to get their hands on the new ones.

2. They bring their own claws to every social function so that they have a drink with them. 

If your S.O. has to buy their own claws so they get their favorite flavor before the pregame, you know they really love the claws.

3. They talk about how they're healthier than beer and that's why they drink them so much. 

Obviously White Claws are a lot healthier than beer and have a lot less sugar and carbs, however, if your S.O. uses that as the reason they drink a whole 6-pack at once, maybe there's another reason too...

4. They have an "Ain't No Laws When You're Drinking Claws" shirt or use this reference. 

There really ain't no laws when you're drinking claws, and if you're like me, you have a shirt that even says so!

5. They order White Claws at every restaurant even if it doesn't match their meal. 

This one gets me every time — just because a restaurant serves White Claws doesn't mean you have to drink them with every meal!

6. You have to pay them to take one. 

If you want one out of their 6 or 12-pack, you better have one to trade or be willing to Venmo — they won't let their babies go for free.

7. If you ask what their favorite flavor is, they don't have one.

True White Claw fanatics love EVERY flavor of claw — so when you ask what their favorite is, they'll just tell you what they like about each flavor, not what their favorite is.

8. They know drinks they can make using White Claws.

They know all different kinds of drinks they can use making White Claws and they use them almost as mixers with other alcohol just for the flavor.

9. They can shotgun a White Claw faster than a frat boy. 

They are pros at drinking White Claws and they'll open it and shotgun it super fast — don't even try to race them.

10. They convince you to drink White Claws and only White Claws with them.

You want a wine night? Sorry chief! You know you're dating someone who loves White Claws if they convince you to drink with them and won't try anything new.

White Claws are great, but there's other alcohol out there, however, I know so many people who only drink White Claws. Only time will tell if the White Claw obsession continues!

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