It really sucks when you begin to notice someone attractive, and think nothing more of it until you guys start making eye contact with each other every class... or really, every time you see each other.

Him making that consistent eye contact was a key to getting your attention. You realize how beautiful this person is after looking at them a couple times. You're alert every time he person speaks, and you smile quite often around him.

Then you realize something horrific happened.

You've developed a crush.

You hate getting crushes because either 1) you're used to it being the other way around... 2) it never ends up well for you... 3) no one wants to be vulnerable.

What the hell do you do? Crushes suck because you always want to be the "likee" and not the "liker" or what I like to call it... the "pursuee" or the "pursuer".

You have to do something, or else nothing will happen. So you initiate first. You add him on social media and make an excuse to talk to him. He answers, and so it has started.

These signs that he's just looking to hookup and nothing more should help you laugh at your shitty situation and let go of your insecurity/anxiety. If you're here, you're most likely the girl that does get some attention, but when you're the one crushing, you have no clue what to do, and no idea how to read him.

1. He asks for nudes.

You're either going to love sending him nudes or completely hate that he asked you. We all know this kind of guy. He wants to take a look at what he's dealing with. You can't always blame him, girls are just as judgmental. But we're probably not so straightforward on asking for nudes.

If you end up sending him some sexy snap, he'll go on and on about what he'll do to you. You had the power to turn him on and he's into you. He HAS to be, right? Or just into hooking up with you... try not being too available to him unless you don't really mind him not being anything else to you.

2. He doesn't care to know about you.

You hang out for the first time and are so excited because you get to finally see who the hell this guy is. Or, you guys start texting and it's not really like how the other guys text you. The other guys who talk to you actually want to get to know you, but with him, there's some sexiness to him cause.... all he talks about is sex with you.

You ask him some questions to start conversations, and it ends up being a one-sided conversation all the time because he really doesn't care about getting to know you. He's interested in one thing and one thing only. Don't let this upset you, sometimes there's more to it than why he doesn't seem interested in who you are. It could be that he's just not as curious because he isn't the "pursuer". It could mean that he doesn't even realize he's doing it, or you're asking stupid questions.

Then you find yourself getting excited when his name pops up on your phone. But at the end of the day, you realized that all he talks about is having sex with you, or anything sexual related. Here's the red flag, if he says nothing but sexual things to you, then he's just looking to hookup and nothing else. BUT...not to give you high hopes or anything, sometimes getting someone turned on beforehand makes them interested in talking to you because they probably have stubborn personalities and high standards and don't want to waste their time on an average girl.

Play his game. Guys don't like to think they're being used (no matter what they say) because being wanted and loved makes any guy feel superior. If he's getting turned on by you, then you're in. You have the power to do what you please if you play your cards right.

3. He doesn't care to hang out with you.

If you're the type of girl who is used to guys wanting to hang with you, that's probably why you've opened up this article because you are genuinely confused on if this new crush of yours is only looking to getting that poo-tang or if he's actually interested in you. You don't want to feel defeated by just going to hook up with him as a booty call, so you see if he has the decency to want to hang out.

Having crushes suck because you don't want to be vulnerable. Especially when he doesn't care to hang out with you casually to even start a friendship. You want to hang out because you get to see how he's really like in a casual environment, or even have him take you on a date. It's the least he can do if he's trying to hook up in the end. But if he doesn't care to hang out and just tells you to come over to hook up, cut him off. 'Cause once that happens just once, that's all it'll ever be with this guy (unless you're fine with it).

If he cared to hang out with you, he would genuinely want to know who you are. That would mean he wants to surrender some of his time to you. But if not, that means he has other things he considers better than spending time with you. Don't let this upset you either because just like everyone else, people have their reasons. Just because you started crushing on him, does not mean he should have too.

4. He mentions his ex often.

Mentioning an ex could really mean they are genuinely over them, or they are genuinely not! Where he is in his life, you wouldn't really know unless he opened up to you. If he mentions that he just got out of a relationship, then he's hinting that he isn't ready for something new. He could also be hinting that he's still thinking about her, or there is extra baggage left over he has to take care of.

Don't worry.

If you think all he's trying to do is hookup and nothing more, show him what more you have to offer.