While I'm sure there's a point in everyone's relationship where they either know someone is "the match" or not, there are seven things to be on the lookout for.

1. You know what foods they love... and which ones they HATE.

If your boyfriend is like mine, you know he hates raw tomatoes, and he'd give his left arm for some Bdubs on a Friday night. You could probably order for him at this point. A small order of spicy garlic boneless wings, please.

2. You know their favorite TV shows because you've listened to them talk about them a hundred million times.

You've either watched Netflix with them or heard about their favorite shows, or worst case scenario, they've roped you into watching it yourself. Watch out though, you might get addicted to it as well, and then you're REALLY in trouble.

3. You know the word to every one of their favorite songs because they're always on aux.

"1942" by G-Eazy, "Ice Tray" by Metro Boomin, "Saint" by Huncho Jack... all of these come to mind when I think about my boyfriend's music selection. If you're anything like us, you probably split aux time, so you know each other's music tastes pretty well. Hopefully they're similar.

4. You can roast them constantly and they don't get mad at you.

If you can laugh and joke around with your S.O. and they know you're just kidding, that's the best type of relationship. It's funny watching your partner's reactions, and even funnier if they have a good clapback.

5. You know all their little pet peeves and what makes them angry.

You can tell what annoys them, and you know all the little things that make them mad, like not making the bed first thing in the morning or scraping a plate with silverware.

6. You know all their friends, and you all have nicknames for each other.

All my boyfriend's friends have nicknames, my favorite of which is Boyfriend #2. If your partner is serious about having you in their life, you've probably met all or most of their friends, and hopefully, you're also friends with them.

7. You know their reactions to events before they happen.

I know that when my boyfriend goes to Kroger, he's going to get angry at all the traffic, and I know that he will ALWAYS forget where he parked. These come with the territory. Be prepared for an angry post-Kroger run call or remembering where they parked before they can forget.

There are of course other ways to tell that you've found your person, like trust, how they treat you, mutual interests, etc. but these are some of the most overlooked ways.