To all you single folks, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you might die alone if you don’t find someone pretty quick. Just kidding, but seriously, studies show that cuddling can actually be good for your health. According to collective research by The Wall Street Journal, sleeping with a partner in the same bed provides an array of health benefits.

Additionally, some scientists hypothesize sleeping with a partner may be a leading reason people in relationships tend to be in better health and live longer, so in other words, I wasn’t joking. You will die alone.

Just when you started to think that there weren’t enough reasons to cuddle with your significant other, here are four reasons why you shouldn't Netflix and chill alone.

1. It lessens stress

Studies show that by sleeping together, cortisol, a stress hormone, is actually lessened due to a feeling of safety and security that you get when sleeping with your partner. So, next time you’re stressed over an exam or a rough day at work, you might want to consider spending a night in with a good Netflix show.

2. You sleep better than if you were to sleep alone

During a study, the research found that women who remained in a steady relationship actually fell asleep faster than women who had gone through shifts in their relationship status while participating in the study. Although you might be skeptical of your partner hogging all the sheets, haven’t you ever heard that sharing is caring?

3. Reduces feelings of anxiety

In addition to being less stressed, sleeping with someone has also shown to boost levels of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone which puts feelings of anxiety at ease.

4. It helps to build a stronger relationship

Most importantly, studies show that sleeping naked builds a stronger bond between partners. While this might be self-explanatory, studies have shown that this closeness can actually boost your happiness while in a relationship.

So, next time you wake up wondering why you’re still miserable, maybe you’ll realize that sleeping alone might be what’s holding you back.