Now that we're several weeks into social distancing and quarantine, boredom has officially taken hold of all of us. While some people have turned to baking bread (yes, yeast is literally sold out all over) to entertain themselves, others are choosing to work on their relationships — and getting creative while doing so — via a fun new game called "Snapchat Bachelorette."

You think I'm joking? I am not. And as absolutely ridiculous as it may sound... it's kind of amazing and I am here for this kind of quarantine fun. One guy tweeted a screenshot of the Snapchat message he received from Gianina, a girl he matched with on Tinder, in which she invited 15 guys to play with her in the hopes of finding love.

"You might be wondering why you just got added to a group chat full of strangers," she wrote in her initial message. "You all have one thing in common, you swiped right on me on tinder which makes you eligible as a candidate for 'Snapchat Bachelorette'!" I know, I know, I'm CRYYYYYING. But we're not even at the good part!

After Gianina continued to share how love is "the greatest feeling you can feel" and how she "won't stop" until she finds the perfect someone, she asked the boys to introduce themselves so they can "learn about each other."

Though some guys, like Alex and Blake, didn't miss a beat in leaving the group, others — like the guy who took the screenshot to tweet — LAUGHED THEIR A**ES OFF (rightfully so)!

Of course, the game came with mixed reviews from women and men alike, but whether or not "Snapchat Bachelorette" becomes the next hit quarantine game doesn't really matter. Because the idea is GOLD, if only for making a bunch of grown Tinder boys in quarantine smile. One-hundred percent worth it if you ask me.

You go, Gianina!

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