There is nothing wrong with loving every second you have with your S.O. I know I soak up every moment with my boyfriend, but making room for some me time is something I look forward to, as well — especially while we're quarantined together. Even an hour solo workout, a 10-minute meditation, or having a "date night" with me, myself, and I benefits my relationship with myself. Which, by the way, helps deepen my relationship with my partner, too.

My boyfriend and I are on top of one another all day every day, especially nowadays. From the bathroom to the shower to everything in between, we are annoying like that... when we go out, we even sit next to one another at restaurant booths instead of across.

But, we also need to have time away from one another. I know he loves clinging to me and I love that too, but there is nothing wrong with wanting some time apart. You know that phrase, "If you love someone let them go, for if they return, they were always yours" think about it like that. When you separate, you're more excited to come back and you know that your feelings for one another are not the repercussions of the honeymoon phase.

And, I can for sure tell you that nothing about quarantine screams honeymoon. So, use the quarantine to your advantage and make some time for yourself — especially if you're quarantined together.

I will always do anything for those I love but sometimes I forget about myself. I definitely don't treat myself the way I treat others. This is why it's so important for me to actively check in on myself and show me some self-love. But, I know it's not just me. We all need to remember to love ourselves and give ourselves that time. By doing so, we can work on ourselves, make ourselves great, and bring that into our relationships.

Particularly during this quarantine, when our mental health is suffering and we are all just feeling out of order, giving ourselves that space is absolutely necessary. Yesterday, for the first time in what seems like forever, my boyfriend and I worked in separate spaces and we were able to achieve a lot. We didn't get distracted and we just got to sit with ourselves. I used this time to breathe and listen to what my body needed at that moment.

I'm so grateful that I just listened and didn't let anything get in the way. That is what I needed.

This doesn't mean I don't love my boyfriend with all my heart — I'm obsessed with him! It just means that my inner self needed some time to talk to me alone. It's incredibly healthy to be by yourself and remember, self-care isn't selfish. If I missed that time, I probably would've been grumpy and my boyfriend wouldn't want to cuddle up with me. Instead, once we were done spending time with ourselves, we genuinely enjoyed one another's company and, guess what, you're supposed to like being with your S.O.

When you're single, you have all this time to work on yourself. To love yourself. To dance with yourself. To sing to yourself. To do all the things you love to do. But when you get into a relationship, some of those moments quickly slip away. But, these moments shaped who you are and are part of the reason your partner fell in love with you. Don't lose that! Don't lose who you are and what you're made of just because you're in a relationship.

So, I'm not giving those moments up. Even if it's five minutes to check up on how I'm doing, I deserve that. And, so do you.

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