The first thing any woman who can cook anything at all does after cooking a meal is take a picture of it on Snapchat and say "Wife me up" and post it to her story.

My social media timeline is almost constantly filled with tweets regarding the desire to be a "trophy wife" or women who in other ways advertise how they are the cream of the crop when it comes to being potential marriage material, and I just don't understand it.

Maybe it's because I'm so young, maybe it's because I'm still in college, but the concept of settling down for marriage itself quite honestly disgusts me.

It's not because I want to bounce around from relationship to relationship or am "scared of being tied down," because neither of those is the case.

My problem is not with people who get married young or while in college. That's an intimate decision between you and your partner, and your happiness is all that matters. My problem is with aspiring to be nothing more than "good for marriage."

Women are fierce. Our purpose isn't just sitting around the house, cleaning, cooking, and popping out babies anymore. We can vote, we can have corporate positions, we can refuse to marry, we can choose to be housewives. We can be anything we want, and we have the ability to make that decision for ourselves.

Wanting to be married one day is cool and all, and I want the same thing, but your entire life's purpose shouldn't revolve around the aspiration of becoming a good wife. Your aspirations should be higher. I would rather chug an entire bottle of champagne than entertain the idea of having myself summed up as being "marriage material."

Be more. Achieve real accomplishments in your life. If you want to get married, get married, but don't let your goal of that be the one thing you pride yourself on.

Women before us have accomplished too much for you to just sit around and tweet about how much you just want to be married and do whatever for your husband when you're 19-years-old.