It's your lucky day, you get to go on a date with your someone special. Drinking has become a huge part of the St. Patrick's Day celebration. It's another night where students throw parties and hop from bar to bar.

It may seem that there is no St. Paddy's Day without alcohol, but, trust me, it's just a stereotype.

My boyfriend and I don't drink, so the whole drinking on St. Patrick's Day thing isn't really for us, but that doesn't make us boring snoozefests. We're a good time if I do say so myself, and we can shake our shamrocks!

There's a lot more to do on the day devoted to Irish culture than just hit the pubs.

Here are 13 things to do on St. Paddy's Day that doesn't include drinking:

1. Throw a mini St. Patrick's Day party just for the two of you

Brownie points if you make a Saint Patrick's Day-themed Spotify playlist.

2. Go to a parade

Yes, there will be a ton of drunk people at the parade, but there's no rule that sober couples can't join the fun.

3. Find an Irish pub with coffee

Maybe alcohol isn't for you, but what about another drug called caffeine?

4. Stay in and have a movie night

"Leap Year," anyone?

5. Make a classic Irish meal together

From stews to fish cakes, you can find something easy to make.

6. Have a picnic in a park

No better way to say, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" than a romantic picnic. Put together some St. Paddy's sandwiches, grab a basket, and take a stroll to your nearest park.

7. Bake some Irish treats

Dessert is dessert. I wouldn't turn down brioche bread and butter pudding.

8. Learn about Irish history

Do something new and check out a history museum. You never know, you may learn something new.

9. Go out to dinner

Everyone will be out partying, so maybe your favorite dinner spot will have an open reservation.

10. Take a dance class together

Couples who Irish step dance together stay together.

11. Find a club with a live band that's playing Irish music

Nothing a quick Google search can't help with.

12. Grab a Shamrock Shake 

Now is the time to get it!

13. Dress up, go out, take pictures, and just ditch the alcoholic drinks!

Just because you aren't drinking doesn't mean you can't have fun.

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