It Should Go Without Saying, But DON'T Hit Me Up If You're Still Hooked On Your Ex

It Should Go Without Saying, But DON'T Hit Me Up If You're Still Hooked On Your Ex

My emotions don't need to be toyed at the expense of you trying to forget someone.


There's that one ex who just sticks to you like syrup... You can't seem to forget about them no matter how hard you try, but you know you're better off without them, and won't go back to them and put yourself through hell again.

You're ready to start putting yourself back out there, hoping this time you'll find who you've been hoping for. You're back on a dating app, or trying to chat it up with the cutie in your chem lab and eventually, you score their number. Texts and Snapchats follow, and you're super excited to get to know them more.

A hookup probably comes soon, and you get more and more comfortable with them every day. However, they bring up their ex a lot. Like, way too much for normal conversation. At first, you simply ignore it, everyone likes to rant about their ex, but soon it just gets plain annoying and offensive. You're right there, 10 times better than their ex, yet they can't see it.

It's so rude to talk to someone about your ex, especially if you just started dating or simply seeing someone new. I get it, everyone likes to rant, but there comes a time that you either move on truly or stay stuck on your ex a lot longer than you need to be. Not every breakup is the same. Some are clean, some are messy, and others are in between. Whether it's an ended situationship or the breakup of high school sweethearts, a breakup is a breakup and you have to allow yourself time to heal.

If you don't take time to yourself, you're never going to face the emotions you're hiding from. Using someone to get over someone else is not the way to go. Don't just date the first person who gives you attention because you think it will help you get back up on your feet. Whoever you're talking to deserves you at your best, not when you're still hoping your ex will change their mind and want you again.

It's not easy to get over someone and I'm not saying you need to be completely and utterly over your ex before looking for someone new. I'm saying if you're that person who knows you can't give your all to someone new, why bother leading them on? They don't want all that emotional baggage and I doubt you would either in the same sense.

Take some time for self-love. Don't jump in bed to solve your problems. Go to the beach, buy a cute shirt, or just spend quality time with your friends and family. Look up quotes that make you realize there is hope over the really steep hill. All I and countless other people can ask is that you don't mess with our heads because yours isn't in a good space. Let whoever expresses interest in you know that you're not over your ex and whether they stick around or bail is up to fate.

Your ex has probably moved on and found someone new, and it's time for you to choose you and move on too.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

13 Go-To First Date Questions IF The Conversation Is As Dead As Your Love Life

Their breakfast go-to is a must if the date is going a little too well, am I right?


I see you girl, sitting there across from someone who is asking you NO questions at all. You're sitting there like a lemon trying to figure out if you're not interesting enough for someone to want to get to know you. You've asked them what their spirit animal is so maybe they'd return the question and you could express your love for llamas.

Maybe this is the first date you've had in a FAT minute (don't worry, I mean, do you really have time date anymore when you're focusing on yourself and becoming the boss-ass woman you were born to be?).

So, if you're anything like me, you'll need some help in what to say when the conversation is dead, but when you're also super into the person in front of you #RIP.

Here are 13 questions you should remember for the next time you meet up with that cutie from math class or the random dude you super liked:

1. Biggest turn-off?

Because if it gets THAT bad, just use this answer against them and they'll run for the damn hills (or maybe just the door).

2. Go-to breakfast item?

I mean, who knows, maybe you'll have to make it for them one day #SorryNotSorry. Just pray it's not some expensive item that they tried in a foreign country.

3. One word to describe your ex-lover with?

If the word is psycho, run girl, RUN. If things don't work out, he'll eventually be calling you that when he was actually the #Psycho.

4. The worst trait you possess? 

Because you don't want to find out he has a commitment issue as you're walking down the aisle #Yikes.

5. Are you close to your mother? 

Might be a bit personal, but if it's that bad of a date, who cares at this point, am I right? You can tell a lot about a person on how they treat their mum.

6. What's the most romantic gift you've given someone or received? 

Just to make sure he doesn't give you that pearl necklace he got back from Karen three years ago.

7. The happiest moment you have ever experienced?

A beautiful question. Along with the fact that you somehow have to top that if things progress in the right direction.

8. If we has two free plane tickets to go anywhere, where would you take me?

Great thing to know. Also, let your best friend know just in case he somehow has two free tickets at that moment and whisks you away seconds after asking this question.

9. Do you enjoy (insert an activity you can't imagine your life without here)?

If they seem completely open to your hobby/sport, then you've got yourself a keeper! If not, make a list of excuses you can use to get out of this dreadful date.

10. One event that changed your whole life?

Someone asked me this on a first date and I was so taken back. I'm passing this wonderful question onto you. If the food is taking too long to come out, throw this at them because it sure as hell took me a few minutes to find the answer.

11. What's the top reason you think you're single?

Maybe you two both have the same issue whether it be commitment or you just don't want to share a damn bed because #PersonalSpace. This will show you they understand their flaws and you know what you need to watch out for.

12. What song were you listening to on the way here?

I can safely say if it's "Make it Nasty" you know their true intentions. Hopefully, a cute country love song title comes out of their mouth but I highly doubt that, sweetie.

13. Have you ever been in love?

I just think this is a beautiful question. Who knows, maybe you'll be their first love?

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Don't Let The Ghosts Of Relationships Past Haunt You This Halloween

Leave those ghosts in the graveyard.


With the beginning of Halloween season, the bewitching hour is among us. As soon as September hits, we brace ourselves for a month of changing leaves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and of course, endless amounts of candy. If you're anything like me, you're also planning a trip to the local Haunted House or a horror movie marathon. I mean, what's Halloween without a scare or two?

Speaking of scary, there's something I forgot to mention. During Halloween time, the ghosts of your past relationships past awaken.

What's that you may ask? Growing up, we've heard stories of ghosts such as Casper. But ladies, these ghosts aren't so friendly. Legend has it that certain ghosts can haunt you for all eternity. I wish I was kidding, but I'm dead serious.

In the past, we've learned that once something is dead, it stays dead. Not with ghosts. Especially those that have taken on the form of our ex-boyfriends. Regardless of whether you delete them from social media and cut off contact with them completely, they will always find a way back to you.

When you end a relationship with someone, the "remains" of your relationship end up in a graveyard where they continue to multiply until eventually, they strike.

You're probably wondering about the origins of these "remains." Unresolved feelings and unclaimed possessions go into this place where they come together and evolve into a resemblance of your ex. I mean, you didn't just think they'd disappear, did you?

It's simple math – The more exes you have, the more your relationship graveyard grows.

There's nowhere to run, and there's nowhere to hide. You can try and make your escape, but you'll soon realize it's too late. Whatever you do, you can't let these creatures overpower you.

Just like our ex-boyfriends, these ghosts are incapable of giving up and will persist at any cost. But, don't be fooled. They are worse – much worse.

If you're on the fence about a relationship or have recently ended one, end that chapter once and for all before the ghosts of your dying relationship end you.

If you take precautions, you're more likely to survive. Good luck.

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