It Should Go Without Saying, But DON'T Hit Me Up If You're Still Hooked On Your Ex

It Should Go Without Saying, But DON'T Hit Me Up If You're Still Hooked On Your Ex

My emotions don't need to be toyed at the expense of you trying to forget someone.


There's that one ex who just sticks to you like syrup... You can't seem to forget about them no matter how hard you try, but you know you're better off without them, and won't go back to them and put yourself through hell again.

You're ready to start putting yourself back out there, hoping this time you'll find who you've been hoping for. You're back on a dating app, or trying to chat it up with the cutie in your chem lab and eventually, you score their number. Texts and Snapchats follow, and you're super excited to get to know them more.

A hookup probably comes soon, and you get more and more comfortable with them every day. However, they bring up their ex a lot. Like, way too much for normal conversation. At first, you simply ignore it, everyone likes to rant about their ex, but soon it just gets plain annoying and offensive. You're right there, 10 times better than their ex, yet they can't see it.

It's so rude to talk to someone about your ex, especially if you just started dating or simply seeing someone new. I get it, everyone likes to rant, but there comes a time that you either move on truly or stay stuck on your ex a lot longer than you need to be. Not every breakup is the same. Some are clean, some are messy, and others are in between. Whether it's an ended situationship or the breakup of high school sweethearts, a breakup is a breakup and you have to allow yourself time to heal.

If you don't take time to yourself, you're never going to face the emotions you're hiding from. Using someone to get over someone else is not the way to go. Don't just date the first person who gives you attention because you think it will help you get back up on your feet. Whoever you're talking to deserves you at your best, not when you're still hoping your ex will change their mind and want you again.

It's not easy to get over someone and I'm not saying you need to be completely and utterly over your ex before looking for someone new. I'm saying if you're that person who knows you can't give your all to someone new, why bother leading them on? They don't want all that emotional baggage and I doubt you would either in the same sense.

Take some time for self-love. Don't jump in bed to solve your problems. Go to the beach, buy a cute shirt, or just spend quality time with your friends and family. Look up quotes that make you realize there is hope over the really steep hill. All I and countless other people can ask is that you don't mess with our heads because yours isn't in a good space. Let whoever expresses interest in you know that you're not over your ex and whether they stick around or bail is up to fate.

Your ex has probably moved on and found someone new, and it's time for you to choose you and move on too.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Look, I Don't Want Your Boy, But 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' Makes Me Feel Incredible

It makes me feel empowered. It makes me feel my best.


I have seen so many thoughts and complaints that Ariana Grande's new song, "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" is shallow.

Some are even saying, "this song just perpetuates everything that is wrong with dating and relationships in society today."

But, girl, I have to disagree.

You see, just because I sing this song at the top of my lungs in both my dorm's shower and alone in my car, I am not going to steal anyone's boyfriend.

I am simply pretending like I am some kind of bad chick that no one should mess with but in reality, I apologize for walking in someone's direction.

And, let's say, if I were to say something lighthearted or friendly to him and he responds with actions that propose cheating, he wasn't a good boyfriend in the first place.

Listen, girls: stop being so insecure.

You have a boyfriend. He loves you. He chose you. If another girl comes by and his eyes dart her way, his heart wasn't in it all the way.

Not everything is deeper than the skin.

Now, let me be clear, I am not saying that it's OK for girls to go around and try to steal boyfriends. Actually, that's a pretty trashy move that no one should attempt. I know it happens, though. I know it is everyone's worst fear.

However, there is no life living within fear of rejection and being left. If those are the things that linger in the back of your mind, you will never taste the freedom of living.

Truly living.

So am I a bad person, considering that 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' is my anthem?

It makes me feel empowered. It makes me feel my best.

So no, just listening to Ari's new bop doesn't make me a bad person or a boyfriend stealer.

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7 Tiny Things College Dudes Do That Give Off Major Small Dick Energy

If you exhibit any of these signs, re-evaluate yourself and your choices.


If you don't know what "small dick energy" means, let me give you the Urban Dictionary definition: "someone who shows off masculinity by being cocky, showing off, overly confident to overcompensate their 4.2 inch fully erect dick."

If you're afraid you might have this tragic disease: let me explain some of the key symptoms:

1. Adding girls you don't know on any social media platform just because you think they're hot.

I never thought friend requests could be so annoying.

2. Messaging said girls with some stupid pick-up-line to start a conversation.

What is this? Tinder?

3. Getting mad and aggressive when said girls don't message you back.

Kristyn Park

Bonus points for calling them mean names!

4. Getting even angrier when they do message back saying they're not interested.

Your insecurity isn't sexy.

5. Putting others down or not treating others with respect.

If you can't be polite to your servers or other customer service employees, you are the epitome of small dick energy.

6. Cornering girls at bars or parties and making them obviously uncomfortable.

If she doesn't seem interested in the conversation, she's not interested in you. Take a hint and walk away.

7. Any sort of forcefulness, pressure, or prejudice coming from a guy as he's talking to a girl.

BIG indicators of small dick energy and also toxic masculinity!

Now look, I know it sounds like I'm being a bitch, but let me tell you that I, and every other female on this planet regardless of race, sexuality, or anything that differentiates us, has been a victim of men with small dick energy. And it's not fucking cute anymore. In fact, it never was. If anything, it's uncomfortable, it's annoying, and it's concerning.

A girl is not a bitch, a slut, a loser, or any other name you want to throw at her if she doesn't like your advances. Calling her that is probably going to make her want to suck your (small) dick even less than before, if possible. We don't know you, and even if we did, we don't owe you anything. And if your first reaction to rejection is name-calling and blatant aggression, then you are likely a toxic person as it is who's got some deep-seated anger issues that you should probably take care of. And if you think that treating someone like that is okay and don't see anything wrong with that, then you might just be a psychopath, honestly.

Have some class and self-respect, guys, and leave the #smalldickenergy back in 2018.

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