Physical appearance plays a lot into who we decide to date. If someone doesn't meet the requirements we've laid out (tall, dark, and handsome, anyone?), we're quick to kick 'em to the curb. Won't even give them the slightest chance.

If someone is attractive, though, they're more than welcome to be our potential partners. This means every drop-dead gorgeous person is left with millions of options, while the Average Joes and Normal Nellies of the world aren't so lucky.

Personally, I HATE this. I don't think attractiveness should be a determining factor when it comes to who we date. I find the mindset of choosing someone based on their appearance to be shallow af, and if you're looking for a serious relationship, that kind of mindset just isn't going to work. I get it for hookups, but when it comes to who you're going to be with for the rest of your life, just because Becky has good hair and curves in all the right places doesn't mean she's going to be the best wife out there for you.

The looks will eventually leave. You're not going to stay hot, fit, and twenty-five forever. Eventually, the good hair will turn gray and the curves will show up in more than just the "good" places. The person you fell in "love" with as a college kid because they were attractive will be a shell of the person they used to be, and you'll be stuck with someone you may not see eye to eye with. Dating because of attractiveness when you're over twenty years old is dating with the mind of a child, and you need to grow TF up. Maybe this could be why none of your relationships seem to work.

Start dating people because you love how compassionate they are. Date the person who goes out of their way to make you feel valued. Date the person who has similar goals and helps you become a better version of yourself. Date the person you can see yourself with forever, not just while you're young and having fun. If that person is drop-dead gorgeous, then good for you! But that shouldn't be what you're basing the entirety of your relationship on. You owe yourself so much more than that. Look beyond the surface-level and don't reject people because they aren't cute enough for you. They could have a heart of gold and be the person of your dreams.