You may know a couple who decided to adopt a pet together even though they've only been dating for about three months. I'm just going to state my opinion up front: this is a bad idea.

If you have been with your partner for less than a year, you probably shouldn't get a pet with them. It's that simple.

Even if you are absolutely sure you will be with them forever, just wait it out. There is absolutely no need to complicate a practically brand new relationship with a pet.

Obviously, I have no say in who does or doesn't decide to adopt a pet. I just assumed this opinion was much more widely held than it actually seems to be. The fact that I know multiple people who have adopted pets with their (practically) brand new partner scares me.

Save yourself the heartache, and save your pet the anxiety and confusion of getting attached just to eventually be ripped away.

If you or your partner decide(s) they want to get a pet anyway, then go for it! But at least make it clear who the pet belongs to. It should not be ambiguous who pays for its food or toys or vet bills. If both partners are putting an equal amount of time and money into the pet, then the lines will be blurred to whom the pet actually belongs, whether or not it was originally discussed.

If you truly believe you will be with your partner forever then there is no reason you need to get a pet with them so soon into the relationship. Waiting at least a year is only practical. There are plenty of things that should wait until further on in a relationship and adopting a pet is, without a doubt, one of them.

Not to be pessimistic, but if couples get divorced after 10+ years of marriage, then you truly never know what the future holds just a few months into a relationship.

If adopting a pet with your new partner is something you are considering, let me be the voice of reason here. Don't do it.

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