Because people can't wait forever, and I'm telling you she will walk.

In 2017, dating is frowned upon, especially in high school and college. Constantly, I have helped my friends through breakups because their boyfriend just wants to have fun. Or those dreaded text messages over the decision- whether or not he can commit to a relationship.

Why can't we just have fun? No strings attached?

Because she loves you, and she has committed to the fact that she wants to be with you, now and in the future. You're toying with her feelings and making her feel like she's not worth it.

Do it now, please. Don't regret letting her go.

It will be hard but it'll come a time that she will walk away. She will pursue another guy, who will be ready for her. She will give him things she wouldn't give to you.

And I dare you to be mad.

I dare you to text her telling her how much you miss her. I dare you to hug her next time you see her. I dare you like all of her pictures and type back to her snapchat selfie.

And for once in her life, she'll leave you on read, and never think about it again.

And your heart will break, into a million pieces, and no one will ever compare to her, you'll miss the times she came to you with no questions asked. You'll miss the nights when she was for you, and only you.

If you feel your heart in your stomach, don't let her go.

I'm telling you sometimes your nights in, with someone you care about is more fun than placing your bets on someone during a night out.

You will not waste your youth, you will only make it better. If you love someone don't make them wait.

Do. It. Now.