They don't call blonde a high maintenance color for nothing! While blondes do have more fun and a nice blonde color is undeniably attractive, it doesn't come without a high cost. Any guy dating a blonde knows that her caring about her hair more than she cares about him is just the beginning of endless struggles.

1. She's more invested in her hair than she is in you

Going blonde, and especially maintaining that blonde to be a decent color, is an investment of all of her effort. While she loves you and is willing to work hard for your relationship, she would sacrifice just about anything for her hair. Realistically, she's probably spent more months of her life working on being a blonde than she has even knowing you.

2. The amount of time she spends in a salon

Going blonde ain't easy, and if you're dating one, you'll never see her due to how long she needs to spend in a salon getting her hair treated. Between the long process of highlights, toner, and a deep condition and the fact that this process must be repeated every few weeks in order hide those nasty overgrown roots, you can pretty much count on losing much valuable time with her.

3. The amount of money she spends in a salon

If losing quality time with her wasn't enough, the amount of money she blows at the salon might be even worse. Not only does one full head of highlights cost a couple hundred dollars (if she's lucky), she can't walk away from the salon without all of the absolutely necessary high-end products as well. Not to mention that this process is repeated every few weeks.

4. The purple shampoo

If you value your bathtub remaining pearly white, I'm telling you right now, do not date a blonde. Purple shampoo is the bare minimum that she needs to do in order to keep her highlights that beautiful color. The downside: it dyes just about everything it comes in contact with purple (including your tub and shower curtain).

5. Your plans revolve around her hair washing schedule

Every blonde knows that you absolutely do NOT wash your hair every day, even if your first-day hair is better than your second or third-day hair. She can't afford to put her hair through that much more damage. All of your date night plans will 100% revolve around which day she washes her hair.

6. The constant questions you don't know the answer to

"Doesn't my hair look sooooo ashy in this lighting?" "I think this shampoo is turning my brassy, way do you think?" "Do my shadow roots just look like my hair is grown out?" Blondes come with their whole little language to describe how their hair looks. It goes a lot deeper than simply being a platinum blonde or a strawberry blonde. Prepare for questions you'll have no idea how to answer and for an explanation that you probably never wanted.

7. Showers become a day long event

Blow drying or towel drying blonde hair after a shower? Absolutely not. Blonde hair is already at risk of becoming incredibly damaging and these two things only add to it. Air drying is the only way to go, no matter how long it takes. The plans can wait.