Most college girls dream of being able to say that they're dating a college athlete and while it does come with its obvious perks (hello, unlimited free t-shirts), it isn't a walk in the park. The girlfriends of college athletes put up with more inconveniences and strange dilemmas than any other girlfriend on the planet. But at the end of the day, you can say that you're dating a student athlete and you'd happily deal with every daily struggle. No matter how painfully awkward...

1. Trying to keep all of "the boys" straight

Matt's a forward and John is a forward but he can play defense sometimes too but only if they're playing the back up goalie, Bryson, and Seth is a defensemen but you'll never see him play at the same time as Brandon unless it's a Saturday. And you better be able to keep all of that straight.

2. Accepting the fact that no matter how much he loves you, he probably loves the boys even more

Saturdays are no longer for the boys. It's literally everyday.

3. Feeling obligated to make friends with every teammate's girlfriend

You'll be seeing them every week and may need a friend to sit with in the future... and it's not like your boyfriends aren't pressuring you two to be besties so they can go on double dates.

4. Dealing with the female "fans" who show up to every game

Everybody loves an athlete and clearly you do, too, considering that you're dating one. But somehow these self-proclaimed "fans" show up at every game and cheer for your man. Do I feel threatened? Maybe.

5. Constantly having your plans destroyed by pop-up practices and obligations

All plans are tentative and more than likely to be cancelled thanks to Coach.

6. Having to change your mood based on if he had a good game or not

Oh, you had a good night but he played bad? You're both having a bad night now.

7. Feeling personally attacked if another player gets rough with him

Um, nobody touches my man like that. Cash me ousside after the game, how bow dat?

8. Wanting to be the cute girlfriend who wears his jersey or coat to the game and looking more like a sack of potatoes

Cleary they were all designed to be worn with layers and layers of gear and padding underneath.

9. Wanting to hang out after every game and practice but watching him sleep instead

I mean, you only exercised for like, 2 hours straight. You cannot be THAT tired right now.

10. Awkwardly waiting 75 years for him to finish changing after each game

There are only so many times I can refresh Facebook before I lose my patience. A quick shower and change of clothes should not take close to an hour.

11. Trying to act like his smell post-practice or game doesn't bother you

You gotta suck it up and take that cute in-uniform picture sometimes and boy, is it hard.

12. Trying to keep every game straight

Not only do you have to figure out which games are home and away for your own schedule, but you need to keep track of which ones count for their conference and the record of each team they're going to play and the odds they have of winning going in.

13. Being forced to think that the team house is cool

An alternative, dirty frat-style house occupied by sweaty boys? Awesome!