I happened to have met my husband when I was 19 and he was 43. Yes, I said 19 and 43. Big age gap? I know, so let me just talk about it and how come it doesn’t bother me or him.

Personally, I didn’t think about age. I’ve always thought age was just a number as long as we’re both old enough to realize the pros and cons.

We were sitting at a table one day after I got off of work and he said to me, “what if I told you I was 50?”

I mean, that was a crazy thing to think about. I just never thought about age as a problem. He was a nice, caring, and genuine kind of guy that none of the age things mattered to us.

He kept a smile on my face and as I was going through a bad breakup, he did nothing but made sure I was okay and happy either way. He supported me. I don’t think age matters. He did the things I imagine a guy my age probably wouldn’t even do because they’re still a kid.

People might ask me, “what if he passes on because of his age?” or “your marriage won't be as long as it should be?” or “he’s twice your age, he’s going to old and senile before you get to experience life” or the “then what” line. I don’t care how old he gets, we all get old. I just found my one true love and who I want to spend eternity with.

Yes, I use to always think about the what if’s and the pros and cons.. but honestly, I don’t care. There is a reason why he was brought into my life and I couldn’t be any happier. So yes, there is a 24 year age gap between my husband and me.

I honestly do not care. It always isn’t about the age. Literally. Our love and marriage are like a young love still, so I always forget his age and for that, I don’t mind. I don’t think love should have an age-appropriate title.

I don’t think that love should just be for the same age beings. I feel as if as long as they’re happy, then just let them be. They don’t bother you, you are not in their relationship. It does not concern you. As long as it doesn’t involve you, then get over it and move on.

He is not my sugar daddy and I am not a gold digger. We are simply in love with each other and are just as happy as any other couple no matter what age, sexuality, race, or even couple appropriate age.

Nothing or no one can do anything to change my opinion, and don’t worry.. We have had people throw so much shade and call him so many names. From girls that I use to call my best friend, to people that we’ve worked with.