June is finally here and summer flings are at their peak. In my opinion, summer is the best time for anyone looking to impress their partner with some unforgettable dates. School is over for the next couple of months so you can definitely take advantage of all the free time with your loved one.

Here are nine summer date ideas to keep your summer relationship hot and memorable.

1. Picnic in the park

A super cute and super simple date idea. Pack some sandwiches and a couple of drinks are you're set for a great lunch at the park with your lover.

2. Beach day

Who doesn’t love the beach? And it’s cheap too! Laying and getting a suntan with your partner by your side can be a great time.

3. Go camping

Plan a couple of days off of work to go camping. Whether you want to take a nice camper or pitch a tent, enjoying the great outdoors can be very romantic.

4. Attend a baseball game

Professional or amateur are both equally as fun. I intern for a baseball team and I can tell you that heading to a game with your bf/gf and a drink in your hand can be one of the best times you experience this summer.

5. Mini golfing

I love mini golfing, it’s one of the most classic summer dates you can go on. Spice it up and check out a mini golfing place you haven’t been to before.

6. Zoo trip

I just did this the other day and it was perfect. Looking at cute animals as well as getting your steps in is an idea date this summer.

7. Trip to the state fair

I’m from Wisconsin and our state fair is out of this world. Enjoying some time with your loved one while snacking on greasy fair food has got to be one of the best dates you can go on this season. Although are state fair isn’t until later in summer, check out when yours is.

8. Outdoor movie

Outdoor movie theaters are underrated. It’s another classic that you can’t go wrong with. Watching the sunset go down behind the screen while munching on popcorn with your S.O. sounds amazing to me.

9. Go boating

Taking a trip to the lake on a boat can never go wrong (unless it rains). Listening to good music with some drinks and enjoying the water and sun can be a great summer date.