Either you're going into summer single AF or ready to take on adventures with your partner. Summer is definitely the season to get the most fun and most aesthetically pleasing photos. If you're heading into June with a lover, check out these pictures you need get with your boo to have an unforgettable and picture-perfect summer.

1. At the beach

The most classic summer photo. Head to your favorite beach in your area or head to a more popular one to snap some pics of you and your soul mate taking a dip.

2. At the fair

The state fair comes with many cute photo ideas. From riding on the Ferris wheel to biting into a huge piece of cotton candy.

3. At a baseball game

Summer is filled with sports outside. Taking a cute picture at a ball game with your bf is not only a plus for your Insta, but a fun date as well.

5. At a concert

Concerts are everywhere throughout the summer. Even going to an artist you don't really know can be an awesome time.

6. At the outdoor movie theater

The ideal summer date. Snap a picture of the screen with a sunset in it and you're set for your aesthetic photo with your hunny.

7. Watching the sunset

Sunrise or sunset. Both are equally as beautiful and can sure make some amazing photos, especially if you're enjoying the moment with your significant other.