School's out for the summer! What a relief. No more teachers, homework assignments, annoying deadlines and pointless group projects.

Summer is a time for endless fun and the perfect opportunity for new experiences with friends. But what about your best friend... your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Do you get to see him or her everyday? Is there a way you get to spend time with each other if seeing one another daily is not an option? Summer relationships are no easy feats. They require an enormous amount of effort, dedication and love to keep it alive.

People are always looking for different ways to keep the relationship communication going through out time apart.

Here are some creative and fun ways to keep in touch and to have fun with your significant other:

FaceTime, Skype, Google Duo or a live video on Snapchat

You may have been told about this before, but believe it or not, video chatting with your significant other is a good and fairly easy way to talk, laugh and have fun with them when not in person with one another. It may not be the best option, but seeing their face and seeing them smile is way better than just reading regular text messages.

Meeting half way to spend the day

For example, if one person lives in north New Jersey, but the other person lives in south New Jersey. that is an easily three to four hour drive across the state, longer or shorter depending on the routes you take and the actual distance apart. That is a long drive back and forth for anyone to do in one day. So... cut it in half! As a fun adventure and memory, meet your partner half way in between where you both live and decide on something to do. This way, the drive or transportation is slightly easier and you can still have fun being together.

Switch of visiting each other's house

If you and your partner only have one or a few times a week to visit one another, take turns driving or traveling. One week you drive over and the next week, they drive over. Along with being able to make time for each other compromise is an important factor in the success of a relationship.

Go "old fashion" and write or send something in the mail

The classic way of communication or surprise. Sending a letter or package in the mail unexpectedly is a great way to put a smile on anyone's face. Some gift options are Edible Arrangements, 1800Flowers, Potato Parcel, a home made item, or the classic gift card. It is the thought that counts.

The classic romantic date

If life just gets too busy to see one another everyday, but the communication is really good, then plan a really nice date or get away. Sometimes seeing each other every so often is nice but being surrounded by the business of everyday life can be distracting. Taking a weekend for just the both of you can be refreshing and a great way to build the relationship.

Summer relationships can be hard, but with a little bit of love and compromise, there is nothing to worry about.