It seems like one thing girls can't stand is a short guy. Guys are quick to throw their height out in their Tinder profile just to prove they're tall enough for a swipe right and time and time again I've heard girls say, "Yeah, I'd be more into him if he was taller."

I don't understand this. Sure, for taller girls who are nearly 6 foot tall themselves dating a guy who is only 5 foot 5 inches would be awkward. That's a COMPLETELY different story. But for girls that are just a little over 5 feet tall? A couple inches really isn't that big of a deal.

Refusing to date someone because of their height is shallow, simple as that. The guy could be your absolute DREAM guy—respectful, funny, intelligent, good with kids, a total package—but you're telling me you wouldn't date him because he's shorter than 6 foot?

Honestly, if you're passing up good guys like that because of their height you have no reason to complain when a guy passes up on you because you don't fit all the physical characteristics he lays out.

Being taller than me isn't a requirement to date me. What I really care about is dating someone who treats me with respect and who loves me for who I am. I want to find someone who has similar goals and values. I want to find someone I could picture myself being with for the rest of my life. If that guy is the same height as me or shorter, I'm not going to let that ruin a potentially amazing relationship. I get upset when guys aren't interested in me because of physical characteristics, so I honestly shouldn't be letting physical characteristics deem which guy is best for me.

Ladies, it's time we dropped the whole "you gotta be so tall to ride" mentality because a relationship isn't a rollercoaster. If you're in it seriously and looking for someone to be committed to for the rest of your life, their height shouldn't be a deciding factor. If you're truly ready for a serious relationship you probably already know this. And if you're just dating for fun, fine, but don't be upset when you can't find a good guy out there.

Odds are he's 5 foot 7 inches and you couldn't handle that.