Being in a relationship comes with all the pros and cons you can think of. As a con, you have to deal with your S.O.'s farts until you come completely immune to them and no longer cringe at the sound of them, or have to run away from the cloud of vial ass juice.

And, of course as a pro, you get to go on vacation with them—whenever and wherever they go.

Now, for some of you that might sound like a con, but trust me. It's really, seriously not as bad at it seems. What's better than spending a few days with you boo? You'll get out alive, of course with a little help from me.

1. Stay Completely Calm, Everything is GOING to be OK.

The more you freak out about it, the more you're going to forget the most important things on your packing list, and literally freak out until you're on the terminal and decide that you're no longer going. Seriously, you're with him because you love him, odds are the rest of his family are just like him- you'll love them too. Even if you do have to spend more than 24 hours with them.

2. Bring Your Own Everything—Right Down to Snacks.

So, odds are they brought enough shampoo, conditioner, body wash and such for their family. You should most likely bring your share—save them money. It's better to have too much, than too little. If you're just going some where in drivable distance, go ahead and know their favorite snacks. Everyone bonds over food.

3. But, Be Sure Not To Bring TOO much.

Don't over pack to the point half of the car belongs to you. Either use a big suitcase to fit everything or bring two small ones. Seriously, you'll feel much better not over packing. Only bring what you absolutely need—maybe an outfit for each day and one extra one incase something doesn't fit.

4. Remember Your Manners

I cannot stress this enough, "please" and "thank you" should flow out of your mouth after every nice gesture, even if you're just asking for a bottle of water. Everyone loves a person with manners.

5. Go Number Two BEFORE You Shower.

TATTOO THIS ON YOUR BODY, HIGHLIGHT THIS, PRINT IT OUT. I'm telling you, after you read it, this will be your golden rule. If you have to use the bathroom, do it right before you get in the shower. No matter how smelly it is, the steam and the smells of (your own) shampoo and conditioner will literally wipe that right away. AND NO ONE WILL KNOW. I'm telling you, it's the best thing I ever thought of.

6. Always Want To Do Things With Their Family.

After all, it's their vacation...never ever be angry/annoyed with them when they want to go out to dinner or do family things. You are just a addition, you'll get your alone time. Just be patient, you'll get to know their parents a little better. Especially if the activities involve some booze.


Don't just sit there like a dummy, talk. Show the family why their daughter/son is with you—be as outgoing as possible. It can be hard to spark up conversation with the family if you don't relate but throw in a giggle, or a laugh or a nod every once in awhile. Try and see if you can get them to talk about your boo. Be yourself!

8. Be As Neat As You Possibly Can.

No one wants to live with a slob, even if it is for a few days. Pick a corner, specifically out of the way of their family and put your stuff in that area. Make sure not to make a mess wherever you go, and clean up after yourself! Don't expect the parents or grandparents of the house to do it for you...even if they do it for you S.O.

9. Have Fun

Remember that as much as it's their vacation it is yours too! Have fun, do things that are out of your comfort zone.